1st National Socio-Legal Short Film Making Competition 2019: Online Submission

By | September 16, 2019
1st National Socio-Legal Short Film Making Competition 2019 Web

About the Competition

1st National Socio-Legal Short Film Making Competition 2019 is being organized in collaboration with Amity Law School, National Commission for Women and Legal Bites. The objective of this initiative is to incite the passion in the youth for creating masterpieces to educate, entertain and motivate the society.

There are various socio-legal issues prevalent in the society which needs to be addressed. We come across so many literary sources i.e. articles, policy papers, commentaries, documentaries, etc. covering these issues. But most impactful out of all these sources is visual representation of any issue. Impact of this lasts for long in our memory compared to other mediums.

“This Film-Making Competition would serve as a platform to ensure that the unheard stories of the women reach the world. It is an incentive to the young people to present the raw reality of the world through moving pictures.” – Chairperson, NCW

Theme of the Short Film: Socio-Legal


  • Democracy
  • Environment Protection
  • Flying Prostitution
  • Humanity
  • Legalization of Marijuana
  • Manual Scavenging
  • Media and News Reporting
  • Pornography and Juvenile Crimes
  • Rights of the Third Gender
  • Women Empowerment


  • The Competition is open for all students or professionals pursuing/completed Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses from any recognised University across the country.
  • Each team shall comprise of a minimum of 3 members and maximum 10.
  • The Registration fee for the Competition is Rs. 2500 Per Team.

Note: Entries will be limited.

For Registration

Submission Guidelines

  1. Each film must be based on this year’s theme.
  2. All films must be made specifically for the 1st National Socio-Legal Short Film Making Competition 2019.
  3. This is a short film competition and hence ONLY Short Films should be submitted.
  4. DURATION: The films shall not be more than 5 (Five) minutes (300 seconds), including the beginning and end credits. Films exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected. The minimum length should be 120 seconds including credits.
  5. COPYRIGHT: The Film must not contain any copyrighted work(s) belonging to third parties unless (1) Participants have a license to use such works in the Film; or (2) the use of such works is a fair one under the copyright laws. Entries containing any unauthorised content will be disqualified.
  1. All entries must be submitted online (including uploading of the short film and at least three still images from the film) to alshmoot2016@gmail.com by close of entries.

General Rules

  1. The short film can be of any genre, i.e. you can submit a work that features elements of documentary, drama, horror, musical, sci-fi, etc. Entries may be live-action, animation or a combination of both.
  2. The organizers reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the contest without any intimation to the participants at any time after the launch of the contest.
  3. The decision of the jury shall be final, unquestionable and binding on all participants.
  4. Entry and participation of films imply unconditional acceptance of these terms and regulations.
  5. All materials, documents, etc. submitted for participation shall not be returned under any circumstances and shall become the property of the organisers.

Awards in Specific Category

  1. Best Short Film: Cash prize Rs. 30,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  2. First Runner Up: Cash prize Rs. 15,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  3. Second Runner Up: Cash prize Rs. 10,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  4. Best Actor Male – Cash prize Rs. 2,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  5. Best Actress Female – Cash prize Rs. 2,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  6. Best Director – Cash prize Rs. 2,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  7. Best Film Editing – Cash prize Rs. 2,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  8. Best Original Screenplay – Cash prize Rs. 2,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  9. Best Sound Mixing – Cash prize Rs. 2,000 + Memento + Certificate of Excellence
  10. Audience choice award, voted for online, with additional prizes.

Important Dates

  1. Last Date of Registration – 11th January 2020
  2. Submission Deadline – 20th February 2020


Deepanshu Rao: +91 96547 70494

Organising Committee: +91 78360 70747

Mail: alshmoot2016@gmail.com

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