1st VIPS Dispute Resolution & Client Counselling Competition,2017 [Delhi]

By | March 18, 2017

Event:1st VIPS Dispute Resolution & Client Counselling Competition,2017

Aim & Purpose

Client Counselling is a strategic skill which is deeply embedded in the basic principles of sound advocacy. The Client Counselling Competition promotes greater knowledge and interest among law students and exposes them to practical aspects of advocacy which help them to develop holistically. It also encourages the student to develop interviewing, planning, and analytical skills in the lawyer –client relationship in the law office. Moreover, a healthy educational and cultural interchange between various learners, law teachers, and legal practitioners is also envisaged.

Participation & Eligibility

The Competition is open to all bona fide students pursuing undergraduate degrees in law from law Schools/Colleges/Institutions/Universities all over India. Each Institution is permitted to enter a maximum number of two teams in the Competition

All Participants must be registered in their respective institutions as full-time Students or part-time students for the academic year 2016- 2017.


Online: Each team is required to submit Registration Form and demand draft at vipsdrcc@gmail.com on or before 20th March, 2017. The participating teams may kindly keep in view that the maximum number of teams is 25. Registration shall be confirmed on first come first serve basis.

Hard Submission: Registration Form and Demand Draft shall be sent by 25th March, 2017


The last date of seeking Clarifications regarding any aspect of the competition, the procedure or the rules of the competition is 31st March 2017. All the clarifications are to be diverted through an e-mail at vipsdrcc@gmail.com.

For additional information and clarifications please contact; DIVYA



Email ID: vipsdrcc@gmail.com

For Further updates, visit us at: www.facebook.com/VIPS-DRCC- 597751867089808/

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