3rd NUJS ADR-ODR Mediation Certification Program [Dec 3-6]: Apply by Sep 30, 2018

By | September 4, 2018


The NUJS ADR Society is proud to announce that we shall be organizing the ADR-ODR International NUJS Civil and Commercial Mediation Training Programme. It is scheduled to take place from December 3rd – December 6th, 2018.

The training programme will be conducted by highly qualified professionals from ADR-ODR International and will involve practical learning exercises to help develop the essential skills to become a successful mediator.

Delegates will be involved in role-playing mediation sessions, group discussions, and exercises in order to practice the skills being learned.


December 3rd – December 6th, 2018.

Deadline for Application

You can send in your applications to us anytime before 30th September, which is the last day to apply.

Key Takeaway

Students and professionals who successfully complete the training programme will be awarded the prestigious status of an ADR-ODR International Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator recognized by the Civil Mediation Council.

This training also helps develop skills required for mediation and negotiation competitions, as you will get to interact with some of the best trainers in the field and students who have competed in these competitions. In addition to it all, you get to experience the beautiful city of Kolkata!

Registration Fee

Participants will be required to pay a registration fee of Rs. 25,000 ( as for students) and Rs. 50,000 (as for lawyers and other professionals). Further, the society would be happy to help you find accommodation.

Ordinarily, qualifying as an Accredited Mediator with ADR-ODR International in the UK would cost Rs. 3,50,000. However, this programme offers exactly the same level of tuition and the same professionally recognized accreditation at a competitive fee.


For further details, please contact adrsoc@nujs.edu.


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