3rd NUJS-CLS Legislation Drafting Competition, 2017 CLS NUJS: Register By 5th March, 2017

By | March 3, 2017

The National University of Juridical Sciences Constitutional Law Society (“Constitutional
Law Society”) is pleased to organize the 3rd Legislation Drafting Competition
(“Competition”) on the topic “A bill to establish the extent to which investigatory powers
may be used by the government to interfere with the privacy of individuals while balancing it with national security concerns.”. Through this academic event, we aim to encourage students to delve into the current debate regarding privacy and provide a comprehensive solution through legislation.
Rules for the Competition:
1. This event is open to students (undergraduate/post-graduate) from all colleges in
2. In addition to the proposed legislation (“draft”) document, every team must include an Author’s Note (maximum 2 pages) as part of their submission. The note should
summarize the proposed legislation and highlight any salient features.
3. The formatting specifications are:
Font: Time News Roman
Font Size: 12
Spacing: 1.5
Margin: One inch on all sidesMaximum no. of pages: 25

Maximum no. of pages: 25 (excluding the Author’s Note).

4. There is no participation fee.
5. A Team shall have one or two members only.
6. All submission will undergo strict online plagiarism checks.

7.AllTeams must send electronic copies of their legislative draft and Author’s Note in
“.docx” (Microsoft Word) format by email to legislationdrafting@gmail.com by
March 10, 2017. A total of two attachments are required with the email.

For registration please fill in the google form at:

Rules & Regulation



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