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To outstand as the leader in this ever-changing world, students have to push themselves not just to think globally, but also to get out there and study as well. Undoubtedly they become better collaborators and grow more in the competitive world out there. The idea of international education also ignites the passion for understanding diverse groups, their culture, and their perspectives.

Where accidents come unplanned, there are ways to keep yourself safe in the world far away from your nation.

  1. Research and keep yourself informed– this ideally should be the very first step before you make a decision to move abroad. If you know someone who has been for studies to that place then they can provide you the first-hand experience and then you can plan accordingly. Also, university personnel can also be a great help. Money can pose a problem so one should have due knowledge about currency exchange rate and should carry enough amount of money to survive in case of contingency.
  2. Bag Packing– When you are traveling to another nation, make sure that you carry all essential and relevant documents and always keep them close to you. Along with this, enough prescription drugs for your survival till the end. Electric plugs difference between continents, so don’t forget to pack electric adaptors. A travel book of the country you are visiting is a must to carry.
  3. Be extra cautious– be cautious of public transportation and know the area before you go, so you can see whether it is worth investing in taking a cab. Also, take the cell phone with cheap data plan and basic features in order to save you from unnecessary stress and beware of pickpocketers.
  4. On arrival– the very first thing you are supposed to do is register yourself with the internal affairs ministry within 24 to 48 hours. This will help you to legalize your stay in that country and later may help you in getting temporary residency. There are different rules for different countries, which need to be understood thoroughly before hand. Also, another important task is registration in Indian embassy nearby. There you can find people with whom you can talk in Indian language and that will somewhat reduce the feeling of homesickness. They will be help in case you have any problem in that country.
  5. Stay alert and trust your instincts– it’s always safe to be alert and have knowledge of what is going on around you. If you are in a busy market or a crowded place, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and in case of uneasiness get away from that area. Remember, at the end of the day you should trust your instincts.

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