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By | July 13, 2018
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Lawyers are the one who understand the basic problems of the society, as they have in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of the country and have that vision to improve the society. Here are 7 things which only a law student can understand.

“Lawyers have a professional and moral duty to represent the underrepresented in our society, to ensure that justice exists for all, both legal and economic justice.”


Injustice Quote1.Any injustice being meted out

Studying law makes students understand the rules, regulations, by-laws, laws properly and can comprehend any injustice going on in the society. Small disobeyance of laws is usually ignored by the general public but law student definitely knows how to deal with them. For instance, a builder was constructing apartments in a residential area and was even doing the work at night which caused severe disturbance and noise to the fellow residents. Though the normal people living there could not speak against this, a young law student came up against it and filed an FIR against the builder and hence they had to stop the work. Knowledge of law helps them understand the position of society, the flaws in it and can differentiate between right and wrong.

2.The need for extensive reading

Only a law student knows the need to study extensively many books and text to get knowledge. Books are the biggest store of information and they are the best friend for lawyers.

Why Lawyers wear Black and White3.The glory of the prestigious uniform

Law students are among them who understand the true meaning and takes pride in wearing the black and white uniform. They respect the attire throughout their career which becomes their pride and honour when they walk in the society. Choosing a black colour for lawyer’s uniform has two reasons. First of all, in the old times, there was no availability of dyes in the large quantity. The purple colour was signified to royalty, so the only fabric colour left was black. This was the reason why black was an obvious choice. Another reason behind this is black is considered as a colour of authority and dominance. A person in black coat looks more powerful and impactful. Also black colour represents submission to a certain thing.

As priests wear a black coat to show their submission to God, lawyers wear the black outfit to show their submission to justice. Black is a prominent colour that offers a sheer elegance. It is observed that people wearing black outfits look more impactful and elegant. The other colour white is chosen for its pure feel. White colour signifies goodness, innocence, and purity. In every legal battle, a lawyer is the only hope of justice for every individual. This colour of hope is chosen to make individuals believe in the judicial system. In Indian judicial system wearing a black coat or robe over a white shirt and a white neck, the band is mandatory as this system is influenced by British rulers. The Advocate’s Act of 1961 which states every lawyer should wear a black robe or coat with a white shirt and a white neckband. Law students always understand this and feel glorified in wearing the uniform.1

Right and Wrong4.Differentiating between right and wrong

The law students, having studied the basic rules of the land, are in a better position to know the difference between right and wrong around them. The subject develops their intellect to such a high level that they can easily decipher the right and wrong in the society. Many law students have even come up with their own unions so as to help people around to get free legal aid and help the needy to get justice.

Finding Flaws5.The flaws in the system

Many law students through intensive studies are able to get into the system of the country fully and can interpret flaws and problems in the society and the working of the organs of the state. Since, their subjects consists of rules, a constitution of the land, decided cases and even functioning of the state, they know the situation better and can bring out loopholes in the way government functions. The law subject is extensive and helps to get thorough knowledge about the country. Law students hence develop a smart background of knowledge having many solutions, ideas and analysis for their country.

Speak out Against Wrong6.The need to speak against wrong

Law students are very much enthusiastic and understand the need for every human being to stand up against wrong and injustice going on in the society. They have a stern belief- injustice cannot be converted into justice until there is a noise against it. Law students having read so much about the subject, loves to help people to get justice and help them by giving legal aid to them. They always cherish standing against wrong and speaking out against injustice.

Feelings of Oppression

7.The feelings of the oppressed

Law students develop a deep feeling for those who are oppressed and are right. Having read many cases, they develop a thorough knowledge about who is wrong and who is right. They know well, the laws made for the oppressed and the need for those laws. They have a stern position on any matter due to their extensive knowledge and never have vague points.

By : Amisha Bansal,

UFYLC, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur


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