3rd B. M. Sreenivasaiah Memorial National Moot Court Competition (26-28 Oct, 2017) BLS Bengaluru

By | September 24, 2017

BMS College of Law is organising B.M. Sreenivasaiah Memorial 3 National Level Moot Court Competition scheduled to be held from 26-28 October, 2017.


B.M.S. College of Law, # 97, Kavi Laksmisha Road, V.V. Puram, Bengaluru-560004.


The entire proceedings in the competition, written as well as oral, shall be in English.


The competition is open to law students currently pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree in Law i.e. 3 Year LL.B. or 5 Year LL.B. Programme.


  1. The registration fee for the national moot court competition is Rs. 2500/- (Two Thousand five hundred only). All the teams are required to make the payment in the form of a bank draft.
  2. The registration form shall contain the details of the participants, signature and seal of the Head of the Institution/Faculty in charge of MCC. The Registration form is enclosed herewith.


Accommodation shall be provided only to the outstation teams on the days of the competition only i.e. from10-12March 2016. It shall be extended to the members of the team (maximum three) only. Team/s shall be responsible for any/all damages caused by them during their stay.


Transportation between the accommodation and the college for the participating teams shall be provided. All teams shall send their travel plan at least 2 weeks prior to their arrival.

Queries regarding the problem

All queries regarding problem, rules, and regulations, shall be mailed to  bmscl2ndnationalmoot@gmail.com and the same will be cleared by the organizers. Any queries after 08 October 2017 with regard to the problem will not be entertained, except at the sole discretion of the organizers.

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