Introduction General elections are expected to be held in India in April or May 2019 to comprise the seventeenth Lok Sabha.  Legislative assembly elections in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Sikkim, and Jammu and Kashmir will be probably held at the same time with the general elections. This year, an aggregate of 57% nationals… Read More »


General elections are expected to be held in India in April or May 2019 to comprise the seventeenth Lok Sabha. Legislative assembly elections in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Sikkim, and Jammu and Kashmir will be probably held at the same time with the general elections.

This year, an aggregate of 57% nationals said that the Government has either met or surpassed their desires over the most recent 4 years. Around 28% of subjects said the Government has surpassed their desire and this measurement has appeared emotional enhancement upwards contrasted with 17% a year ago and 18% in 2016. While just 29% nationals said that the Government meets the desire and this has tumbled from 44% a year ago and 46% in the year 2016. In 2016, 36% appraised the Government as not meeting desires which rose to 39% in 2017 and in 2018 this number ascents to 43%. This implies feeling about Government execution is more enraptured now, with both surpass desire and not getting desire rates going together.

Hits of the BJP Government

  • Fortified economy

While being the central pastor of Gujarat, Narendra Modi had ended up being an extraordinary supporter of the monetary development. A solid economy has been on the highest point of Narendra Modi accomplishments. Under his administration, Gujarat ended up a standout amongst the most prosperous states in the nation and he marked manages a lot of outside organizations and governments. Narendra Modi has been effective in reproducing the same on a greater dimension. His remote visits have gotten a great deal of venture with Japan putting resources into the principal shot train in the nation. In spite of the fact that the world shows a slower advance, the Indian economy has been advancing with over 7% rate, making it a standout amongst the best signs for what’s to come.

  • Enhanced International relations

Foreign policies and strategies have been among the best Modi accomplishments. Narendra Modi has frequently been condemned by the opposition parties for such a large number of foreign visits. In any case, none of us can overlook the way that his visits have made a ton of companions for the nation. Be it about those warm embraces with Barak Obama or going to Ganga Aarti with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, Narendra Modi has made companions with the greatest negotiators of the world. It is a result of his dynamic administration that UAE talked straightforwardly against Pakistan supported fear based terrorism. India has stretched out money related help to nations like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan and that has brought about expanded local impact. Likewise, propelling the South Asian satellite will make some amazing progress in India’s intends to wind up next Asian superpower.

  • A Government with a clean Image

In India, legislative issues are frequently considered as equivalent word as defilement. Despite the fact that the past government went under colossal analysis for embarrassments like CWG, Coalgate and 2G scam, the present government has not confronted any such defilement or corruption allegations and the legislators have worked with duty and that is one major Modi accomplishment. The Prime Minister has driven his group with a precedent by not taking a single day of leave in his tenure. Additionally, activities like the boycott of signals have developed the association between basic residents and the legislature. Ministers like Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu are frequently observed specifically imparting to individuals on Twitter and noting their inquiries, Narendra Modi too holds regular Man Ki Baat program to chat on general issues.

  • Change in the disposition on basic issues

Under the initiative of past leaders, India was viewed as a protective nation with its emphasis on looking after harmony. Narendra Modi has appeared progressively forceful approach to managing delicate issues. Occurrences like surgical strikes in Pak possessed Kashmir and decimating Pakistan bases give us a look at it. Likewise, the legislature has encountered the Chinese government on different issues including Arunachal Pradesh and Dalai Lama. The last presidential races in Sri Lanka were reputed to be impacted by Indian best authorities and leadership.

Likewise, without thinking about responses, India has stretched out open help to Israel and both nations are cooperating on a lot of arrangements including guard and innovation. Another such episode came at the season of recently finished up Doklam Standoff, where India demonstrated its opposition and declined to surrender against the Chinese weight. This reinforced India’s global picture and demonstrated that India has now begun to stand firm and the world and nations around India should be all around arranged to include India in any such issue from whenever.

  • Swachh Bharat

This program is actualized to advance neatness and dispense with open defecation. It is by all accounts the splendid idea yet was structured inadequately. Later on, this program makes a decent picture for individuals to make India a cleaner nation. For as far back as two and half years, this plan has picked up energy and bigger urban areas have started to comprehend the importance of tidiness. By the execution of this plan, the greater part of people in public places and railroad stations have been getting cleaned than the past. The greater part of the general population is appearing in cleaning India program.

  • Pradhan Mantra Ujwala Yojana

This plan is considered as one of the more prominent accomplishments of Modi government till 2018. This yojana was propelled on tenth March 2016. The fundamental aim or point of this yojana is to offer Rs. 8000 for the rural needy individuals to give LPG associations. Other than from that, around 80 lakh clients have surrendered LPG endowment deliberately through “Giveitup” battle. Be that as it may, individuals having a payment of about Rs. 10 lakh was demanded to surrender LGP sponsorship.

  • Demonetisation

On November 8, 2016, the legislature declared that Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 cash notes available for use would be pulled back and new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes were issued. The move was allegedly gone for focusing on dark cash, however, that account changed through the span of the year. The move sent shockwaves over the economy. Financial development was stifled and a few independent companies were closed. Some still contend that the economy is yet to recover from that stun. The money available for use has now relentlessly developed, and the administration is syphoning in new cash notes Currency with open on May 11, 2018 Rs 18,578 billion Currency with open on October 17, 2016 (preceding note ban) Rs 17,564 billion.

Failures of the Government


One of Modi’s key survey guarantees in 2014 was to double the homestead (farms) income by 2022. Rather, cultivate earnings have fallen in genuine terms, fundamentally by virtue of nourishment value emptying and the breakdown in the money based rural economy in the wake of the November 2016 demonetization. Truth be told, on the off chance that one thinks about India’s real GDP development to the extension of its farm division, the last has reliably slacked the previous since 2012.

In addition, the 2018 pre-spending plan Economic Survey noticed that because of environmental change, cultivate wages could see a further 25% decrease in the long haul. Not just has cultivated trouble exacerbated the issue of agriculturist suicides, it has likewise expedited farmers to the boulevards, as occurred in Mumbai, when in March this year 20,000 agriculturists merged upon India’s wealthiest city requesting a total waiver of advances and influence duty. Farmer turmoil could cost Modi beyond all doubt particularly in zones of rural Maharashtra, Karnataka and even Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP’s adversary political parties could rush to take advantage of it.

Gross domestic product development

India’s monetary development drooped in the quarters following demonetization. In any case, the force is by all accounts back in the ongoing past, with the December quarter timing 7.2% development and India recovering the tag of the world’s quickest developing economy from China. The Modi government would do well to attempt and prop this force up.

In any case, there are a few dangers ahead. Worldwide raw petroleum costs have topped $80 a barrel and are probably not going to go somewhere around much in the close term. This could hurt the parity of installments, and lead to a spike in swelling and financing costs. Indeed, shopper costs in April rose 4.58% switching a three-month slide. The Modi government should hold its monetary math under tight restraints in the midst of an intense worldwide financial situation before the following general races.


If the Modi government plays its cards well, this could well be its greatest trump card yet, even as four-fifths of its time in office is as of now gone. In 2014, amid its decision battle, the legislature had guaranteed to make 10 million employment every year. Rather, it wound up making not exactly a million in the four years it has been in power. In the 2018 spending plan, the legislature was broadly expected to declare a National Employment Policy, which would lay a thorough guide for occupation creation, however, that did not occur. The administration could introduce such a strategy currently to concentrate on employment-intensive sectors, particularly in the little and medium endeavors space.

Recent losses of the BJP Government

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party lost power in three key states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, managing Prime Minister Narendra Modi his greatest annihilation since he took office in 2014 and boosting the opposition in front of national surveys one year from now.

Political examiners said the BJP’s thrashing would underscore provincial daunt with the government and could help join the resistance driven by the Congress party. Modi is by and by famous however has been reprimanded for neglecting to convey employments for youngsters and better conditions for farmers.

The loss of three states in the Hindi heartland has made a major vacuum for the bjp which likes to demonstrate a saffron wave on India’s guide. These were the states it was challenging to hold. The political talk on rural misery and joblessness began from the Gujarat assembly polls. The BJP held that state after a colossal exertion however neglected to rehash that execution this time around. The defeat is as much as Amit Shah’s for what it’s worth of Narendra Modi.

In Chhattisgarh, Congress was ahead in 68 of the 90 seats in question, with the BJP on 16, as indicated by information from the Election Commission. In Rajasthan, the Congress was driving in 99 of the 199 seats challenged, against 73 for the ruling party BJP.

Some of the controversies of the BJP Government

  • Rampur MP Nepal Singh on Indian Army

The BJP parliamentarian from Rampur started a contention while saying that soldiers ought to die. The pioneer started a debate when he stated, “They will die each day in the Army. Is there any nation whose officers do not die while battling? Indeed, even in towns if there is a fight, somewhere around one individual will get injured. Name a gadget from which individuals don’t bite the dust? Reveal to one such thing which can stop the bullet. He, anyway later apologized for his statement.

  • Anil Vij on Mahatma Gandhi

Haryana Minister Anil Vij pursued a discussion with comments that Mahatma Gandhi’s picture did not encourage Khadi and caused cheapening of the cash, starting boundless shock with even his gathering BJP censuring the announcements following which he pulled back them.

  • Giriraj Singh’s comments on Sonia Gandhi

Union Minister Giriraj Singh has kicked up a noteworthy line with bigot comments, thinking about whether Congress would have acknowledged Sonia Gandhi’s administration in the event that she was not white-skinned.

The clergyman, who had courted debates in the past with comments amid Lok Sabha races like individuals opposed to Narendra Modi can go to Pakistan, additionally derided Rahul Gandhi’s nonappearance from the political scene and compared it to the “missing Malaysian aircraft”.

  • Anant Kumar Hegde’s questionable remarks on secularism

Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde had reprimanded “common” and said the BJP government would “change the Constitution” to expel the word from the Preamble.

Foreseen outcomes of the 2019 General Elections

As indicated by the India Today’s Mood of the Nation (MOTN) July 2018 survey, the NDA will be back in power with 281 seats, nine seats in front of the midway stamp in the 543-part Lok Sabha. In any case, yet the BJP will lose its greater part and slide down to 245 seats. The UPA will be a long ways behind with 122 seats and the Congress will build its count to 83 seats.

The BJP, as indicated by the survey, will descend from the 282 seats it had won in the 2014 Lok Sabha decisions however will build its vote share from 31.34 percent to 36 percent. The Congress, then again, will build its seat count from the 44 it won in 2014 to 83 seats, while its vote offer will go up from 19.52 to 31 percent.

Be that as it may, the most critical factor is ‘Others’, which incorporates the present UPA partners, for example, the TMC, AIUDF, SP and even CPI(M) other than gatherings restricted to the BJP, for example, the BSP and INLD. The ‘Others’, who are essentially fence-sitters, are anticipated to get an astounding 140 seats with a 33 percent of the vote share in the Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps on being the most loved for the top job with 49 percent of the respondents pulling for him while 27 percent of the respondents favored Congress President Rahul Gandhi for the post.

The ABP News-CVoter ‘Desh ka Mood’ survey of October 2018 predicted that Prime Minister Modi will return for a second term in 2019. The vote share of NDA and UPA will be 38 percent and 25 percent respectively, the survey predicted.

  • The Congress would be able to make big gains in Uttar Pradesh in the 2019 elections if it joins hands with the SP-BSP alliance
  • According to the survey, the NDA will be behind the UPA in the southern states
  • The survey seeks to reflect the trends of public opinion for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections


These were a portion of the achievements of the Modi government over the most recent 4 years. Despite the fact that there are significantly more issues to be tended to in the following couple of years, the administration has without a doubt ingrained a sentiment of expectation among the nationals by influencing them to understand their jobs and duties. How about we trust that the legislature will keep on accomplishing in the rest of the term.

By – Vasundhara Kaushik

Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad



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