Akriti Raina

Akriti is a student at the Faculty of Law, Delhi University. Her areas of interest are labour law, industrial relations, ADR mechanisms and women rights.

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Unpaid Internships: A Form of Labour Exploitation

This article titled ‘Unpaid Internships: A Form of Labour Exploitation.’ is written by Akriti Raina and discusses the evil of unpaid internships in the educational and occupational sector. I. What are internships? Internships can be defined as short-time work experience offered by various organizations and companies to students.[1] These experiences not only help the students in learning about the professional… Read More »

Healthcare challenges in India: In the wake of Covid-19

This article on ‘Healthcare challenges in India: In the wake of Covid-19’ is written by Akriti Raina and reflects on the major challenges in the healthcare system of India and looks at the possibility of developing an affordable healthcare regime in India. I. Introduction: Healthcare challenges in India (In the wake of Covid-19) In the wake of the… Read More »

Changing Perceptions of Marriage in India: The Hindu Community

This article titled ‘Changing perceptions of marriage in India: The Hindu Community’ is written by Akriti Raina and focuses on the changes surrounding the idea of marriage in the Hindu community of the Indian society. I. Introduction Marriage has been considered sacred in Indian society. It makes the husband and wife one unit in the eyes of law… Read More »

Understanding Touch under the POCSO Act

This article on ‘Understanding touch under the POCSO Act’ is written by Akriti Raina and attempts to understand the concept of touch under the POCSO Act, the effectiveness of teaching good and bad touch to young children, sexual grooming of child victims and suggests some alternative measures. I. Introduction With the rise in the number of cases of… Read More »

Law of Evidence Mains Questions Series Part-I: Important Solved Questions for Judiciary, APO & University Exams | Part – I of X

Legal Bites brings to you Law of Evidence Mains Questions Series Part-I. The questions enlisted here are arranged section-wise and will aid the students preparing for Judiciary, APO or University Exams. Detailed solutions have been provided for the questions to answer all your queries. The list of questions is curated by Legal Bites will help candidates identify the… Read More »