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Look-Out-Circulars: An Overview

After making some inquiries, the conversation was pertaining to the issuance of Look-Out-Circular, a mechanism for restraining offenders, criminals, loan defaulters, etc from leaving the country without facing the brunt of their deeds or say misfortune. If we switch on our TV sets, we would see some page 3 names who have fled the country after defaulting on… Read More »

Death Penalty: The Dilemma

If I were ‘death’ I would be inevitable but I am not death and I fight death every day. How do I do that? Well, I go out on the road and escape moronic drivers running over people, at home I hope to survive falling roofs, accidental fires etc. Adding to other factors, if I am not a… Read More »

Doctors, Patients and their Interface

This medical jurisprudence article on the rights of patients and doctors crafted by Aastik Dhingra is based on the research and decisions of various courts, read the article for in-depth knowledge.  I. Introduction The last year has been tumultuous. The reason is not even up for any guesses, the Covid-19 Virus. The effects are not over, may even… Read More »