Aayushi Tiwari

A Law Student and a lifetime humanitarian from the historically rich state, Bihar. Avid reader, writes to bring a difference and a public speaker to enlighten others.

Author Archives: Aayushi Tiwari

20 Landmark Cases on Human Rights

This article explains 20 Landmark Cases on Human Rights that happened in the history of India and also proved to be essential in adding core value to the concept of Human Rights. Human rights are actually basic rights and freedom that belong to every individual in the world from birth until death. Through various cases, it has been……...

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Sealed Cover Jurisprudence: Meaning, Explanation And Challenges

What does Sealed Cover Jurisprudence mean? To understand what sealed cover jurisprudence is, we will first look at the term ‘sealed cover’. As its name suggests, it is a cover/envelope which is sealed. Well, that was simple, but why sealed? Oh come on! Why do we seal something, because it contains a secret or some kind of confidential… Read More »

Overview of the POCSO Act

This article delves into POCSO Act in depth. It endeavours to focus on the benefits of the POCSO Act and in detail analyses the ill effects on the minds of innocent children when they face sexual harassment. The author admires the legislative intent behind the enactment of the POCSO Act. The author has also cited various landmark case… Read More »

Is Beating Students in Indian Schools Legal?

The article ‘Is Beating Students in  Indian Schools Legal?’ is a critical analysis of corporal punishment and deals in a descriptive manner as to the ways taken by the apex court and the legislative provisions in declaring the beating of children an offence. The article entails the harsh punishments given by the parents and teachers leave a negative… Read More »