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The Abuse Of Police Power And Police Brutality

Police brutality and the abuse of power, held by them is one of the most alarming and gruesome challenges for a country. It shows the failure of a system to address such heinous acts while instituting the same inadvertently by not taking appropriate actions against them. A country must not denude the citizens of their rights, even those… Read More »

Iraq Under Saddam Hussein and His Flawed Trial

This article is an account of Iraq under Saddam Hussein and his abominable politics that led to a Flawed Trial of the dictator. Iraq suffered greatly under the barbaric regime of Saddam Hussein whose removal was a spectacle for the world but the flawed trial that sentenced him to death was condemned globally because of the disregard for the… Read More »

International Laws on Espionage & the Case of Kulbhushan Jhadav

International Laws on Espionage is a grey area. While espionage in itself is illegal, the act is practised widely. Kulbhushan Jadhav is a claimed suspect of one such act. Although there are standard laws, different cases are often dealt with differently depending on the specific situations. But this case remains to be an interesting one because of the……...

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Sacred Game of Names by Abhinav Ashok

Abstract A sense of pride towards the nation-state is essential for a country. However, sometimes, the idea of nation and nationalism is misconstrued. For a country to grow, it is important to pave a path for a better future rather than look back into the past to supposedly glorify the nation which may hold no significance in this… Read More »

How ‘Achhe’ are the ‘Achhe Din?’

This article titled How ‘Achhe’ are the ‘Achhe Din?’ has been written by Abhinav Ashok. How ‘Achhe’ are the ‘Achhe Din?’ The country needed a change from the privileged lineage governing India for a long time. And it was absolutely justified to choose the opposition to keep the competition healthy and development constant. And so, came in the… Read More »