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How to Tackle Professional Troubles in your Law Career

Introduction Building a Career in Law can be one of the most prestigious events for a law student in his/her life. Whenever one hears that someone belongs to a legal background – be it a lawyer, an advocate, a legal advisor or a Judge, one instantly assumes a high profile life, a lavish lifestyle, corporate parties etc. But… Read More »

Honour Killing: The Cruelty of Society and Casteism

Honour Killing, a practice where an individual is killed by the family members or any other relative as a reason for getting them married in another caste or religion. It is a very common practice in Indian society. Although it is not backed by law yet, it is prevalent in current Indian society. It is considered a sin… Read More »

Gender Equality: Does it Include the Third Gender In India?

Gender equality means when Male and Female are treated equally at every aspect of society i.e. socially, economically and educationally. In India, the respect for a woman seems mythical as there is a constant increase in the instances of rape and other violence against women. Gender Equality is concept following when women are empowered. It is the second… Read More »

Top Controversial Cases of Money Laundering In India

Money laundering is the conversion of money from illegal to legal one. The Money so converted is illegal and is obtained from illegal activities. The Illegal activities may involve corruption, Fraud, Cheating etc. In India, Money Laundering is generally linked with corruption but other reasons are also there such as tax evasion. There are a lot of high-profile… Read More »