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Life As A Law Student – 7 Things You Really Have To Know

Being a Law student is not going to be easy, you are going to work harder than you’ve ever worked before! The conflict of laws isn’t certainly the biggest conflict. The antagonism of perplexity as to what you’ve been told about being in a Law school is true or not is the contention. There are various conjectures about… Read More »

Internships: Expectations vs. Reality

Pre-Scriptum: This article has been written by an individual who is a firm believer in not cribbing about not getting good internships. Any contrarian views are welcome. This is written in the best interests of the author (despite utmost efforts) of not offending any of those smart people who do not have to go through the struggle of… Read More »

Attendance Mandatory. Participation Up To You.

ATTENDANCE – The phenomena of being physically present but mentally absent. This usually happens in a room full of people who resemble your species. They are (in their heads) doing exactly what you are. Teacher’s Perspective We don’t care if you score a 90 in end-semester exams or not, but we want those 5 marks for full attendance.… Read More »

Reservations: Ideas Are Fatal To Caste System

Hi! I am a normal, upper-middle-class person. I have access to water, a clean environment, a luxurious life, a big house, smartphones and a vehicle of my own. I have a scheduled-caste certificate too. It makes me remember that my ancestors were treated unequally 5000 years ago and because of that, I am getting privileges now. So, I… Read More »

The Truth Behind Law School Submissions

Disclaimer: The Truth Behind Law School Submissions: Everything written in this document is purely from the bottom of the heart of the author. This is written with no intention to offend any community. Any character or metaphor used to depict a situation is only for the purpose of humor. The Background: The Truth Behind Law School Submissions It… Read More »