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International Court of Justice – ICJ

Introduction and Historical Perspective of ICJ International Court of justice – ICJ is a principal organ under International law, created to resolve the disputes between the states. It bears a great responsibility in resolving International disputes. International Court of Justice is the successor of Permanent Court of Justice. The idea to create an International court to deal with… Read More »

Hey Freshers Here’s what to expect from your law school

Law Schools are the colleges which offer law courses to the interested students. These institutions are an exception in the field of education. Law schools make the lawmakers and counselors for the country, they make lawyers for the country for the purpose of applying the law in the country in a successful manner. At present, there are many… Read More »

Laws of Property Under Jurisprudence

Introduction The term property is commonly used to define the objects which are owned. In other words, property denotes those things in which right of ownership can be expanded. The term property includes both living and non-living things. Lands, chattels, shares, and debts are included in the property. In a wider sense, the term includes all those rights which… Read More »

Maintenance of wife and children under Muslim Law

1. Introduction The concept of Maintenance was introduced to provide support to those people who are not capable to maintain themselves. It is basically provided to the spouse who is not independent and is dependent on the other spouse. The principle of maintenance includes financial support, means of livelihood and educational facilities. In marriage, it is the obligation… Read More »