Ashish Srivastava

Student,2nd Year at NLU Ranchi.

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Legality of same sex marriages in India by Ashish Srivastava

This research paper aims to make people aware of the rights of the LGBT community & also the present status of the legality of same-sex marriages in India. CHAPTER-1: INTRODUCTION Human beings are the most ironical character in this world. We are very much obsessed with the concept of equality but when it comes to applying the equality… Read More »

A Brief Analysis of Wagering Agreements

In very simple terms, wagering is a bet on something which could bring a win or the opposite on the parties at the occurrence of uncertain future events. So it would be a wagering agreement. Abstract In this research paper, I have discussed briefly the definition of wagering agreements, its essential features and its exceptions. I have also discussed……...

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