Deepshikha is a law student from National Law University, Odisha.

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The Criminology of the Future: How Science helps us to Investigate Crimes

The incorporation of science as an essential tool has played a vital role in crime investigation on time. As we know time is of the essence in any investigation, to look for that ultimate truth, we need ample kind of resources which will facilitate the investigators in reaching the conclusion. Here, science plays a crucial role as it……...

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Wrongful Convictions: How can the State undo the harm?

Wrongful convictions serve unwarranted punishment to the alleged accused and pose serious damage to their life. This article talks about wrongful convictions and the extent of it with a special focus on the matter as to how the state can undo the harm flown out of wrongful convictions. To discuss so, the article deals with the causes that……...

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Social Control Theory vs Self-Control Theory

The present article aims to provide an overview of the Social Control and Self-Control Theory and how both theories align or facilitate each other as an explanation for delinquency. I. Introduction The concept of social control and self-control is an essential attribute in the field of sociology and certainly has a complex and controversial evolution. Whilst social control……...

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US President Election: Eligibility and Process

It is important for the readers to know about the eligibility and process of the US President Election. This article is an attempt to do so, the author has divided the article into two main parts. The first part expressly deals with the eligibility criteria to become the President of the USA, and the second part declares how… Read More »

Federalism in USA: Dual, Cooperative, New Federalism

The present article discusses the origins and evolution of the concept of federalism in USA, mainly from the ratification of the Constitution to the Great Depression. The article aims to identify the structure of federalism in the United States from the time of its evolution to its present form in the twenty-first century. I. Introduction Federalism is the… Read More »

Procedure for making an Amendment to the Constitution of United States of America

The present article elaborately provides the procedure for making an amendment to the Constitution of United States of America. The Constitution of the USA is rigid because to make an amendment, the procedure necessitates maximum majority favour at both the proposal and ratification stages. This, being the most common procedure of amending the constitution, requires a proposal by… Read More »