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Internship Report Writing for Law Students

Now that almost the internship season is over, you might be wondering about ways to write an internship diary/Internship Report to submit in your University. This article will help you with a few tips and steps to writing an Internship Report, especially for law students. Disclaimer: The following elucidates a few ideas and there is no necessity that… Read More »

How To Find An Ideal Internship For Law Students

After years of pampering and solid 60+ days of vacation during school days, interning might seem annoying during summer break and winter break but the right internship will help you land your dream job. This article will help you in choosing your ideal internship step-by-step. I. College and Marking System This might sound new to many people that… Read More »

Court Internship – Different Aspects

Gone are the days when summer meant Rasna packet in hand, salted mango slices in a bowl, cartoons and daily soap operas being watched during a commercial break of your favourite channel. And now, being an adult not only means more responsibility but more stress and pressure even for reasons unknown to us. So, why should internships too… Read More »