Mayank Shekhar

Mayank Shekhar

Mayank is a student at Faculty of Law, Delhi University. Under his leadership, Legal Bites has been researching and developing resources through blogging, educational articles, competitions, and seminars.

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Legal Bites ranked among the Top 20 Dispute Resolution Blogs in the World

This article corresponds to the featuring of Legal Bites among the top 20 Dispute Resolution Blogs by Feedspot. It is an honour to be attributed to the eleventh position among thousands of Dispute Resolution Blogs that have embarked on a constant journey to educate and empower. Why is this a significant achievement? The analysis includes a conceptualization of… Read More »

How to Develop a Business Plan Towards Starting a New Law Firm?

Legal services business in India stands at more than US$1.3billion annually. With more than 600,000 lawyers practicing as individuals or at law firms or owning legal services companies, this figure isn’t something astounding. However, India ranks as the second-largest market for legal services worldwide, trailing behind only the US. And the market is growing at a fairly rapid… Read More »

Recent Trends in Indian Jurisprudence

The present crisis in the Indian legal system is due to its complete dependence on colonial jurisprudence. India has inherited, as a hangover of the British rule, the theory and practice of the British legal system which created conflict between old laws and the modern notion of justice.[1] Law and Society Law is a social science which is… Read More »

Judicial Review of Administrative Action

Introduction Judicial Review of Administrative action is part of enforcing the constitutional discipline over the administrative agencies while exercising their powers. It has origin in England which was adopted in common law countries. India too inherited the idea of judicial review from England. India had laid its structure on English prerogative with a pattern which was issued by… Read More »