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Recognition of Covenant Marriage by United States

This article, “Recognition of Covenant Marriage by United States” authored by Pranava Pishati explains covenant marriage and regulations involved in covenant marriages and how they are different from traditional marriages. Introduction A covenant marriage is an agreement between wedding spouses that their marriage will last the rest of life. A covenant marriage differs legally from a non-covenant or… Read More »

Property Division After Divorce In US

This article on “Property Division After Divorce In US” authored by Pranava Pishati explains that how marital properties are divided in US upon divorce between the spouses. and understanding this becomes important because in the United States, over two million individuals divorce each year[1]. Property gained over the course of a marriage is referred to as marital property.… Read More »

The Influence of Biblical Traditionalism on U.S. Family Law

This article, ‘The Influence of Biblical Traditionalism on U.S. Family Law’ by Pishati Pranava starts with the surmise that family and religion are inextricably linked to each other. Religious institutions, in general, have taken a lot of credit for emphasizing the importance of families, providing family direction and assistance, and even defining appropriate family forms in some cases.… Read More »

American Law of Inheritance And Disinheritance

This article on, ‘American Law of Inheritance And Disinheritance‘ by Pishati Pranava focuses on succession through freedom of disposition and the limits on the freedom of disposition. The principle of freedom of disposition is implemented in American succession laws through intestacy, wills, trusts, and non-probate transfers. Succession that limits the freedom of disposition are spouse inheritance, rule against… Read More »