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Pre-Nuptial Agreement: An Expression Of Adult Autonomy

A Pre-nuptial agreement is a sort of agreement laying out conditions, between future husband and wife, regarding disputes that may arise in the case of dissolution of marriage. About Pre-Nuptial Agreement Black`s law dictionary defines Pre-nuptial Agreement (prenup) as:- “An agreement made before marriage usually to resolve issues of support and property division if the marriage ends in… Read More »

Procedure of Trial Before Sessions Court

Introduction Sessions Court is the court that deals with criminal cases at a district level. To be more precise, it deals with the more serious warrant cases. It cannot take cognizance directly of any offense except in cases of defamation as given u/s 199 of CrPC. In rest other, a competent magistrate takes cognizance and commits the case……...

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Imprisonment: An Undeserved Pseudo Hell to the Living

This article “Imprisonment: An Undeserved Pseudo Hell to the Living” deals with prison justice and prison reform in India. It is not about assigning blames, or claiming that there is absolutely no good left in the prison system. But, there is a need of Reformation of Under-trials, of Women Prisoners; of Juvenile Offenders and hence it`s about what… Read More »