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Whose child? | Surrogacy

The debate around surrogacy has been going on around the world for quite some time. It began with a noble cause, but the practice of surrogacy has expounded greatly, transforming into a commercial exploitation of the powerless by the powerful. Many celebrities have used surrogacy to have children – the most recent and the most famous example being… Read More »

How are our farmers doing? – by Sakshi Shivpuri

  India has always been an agricultural country. The primary sector has historically been one of the most important sectors, not just because it provides the most essential services but also in terms of GDP contribution. However, of late, the sector has shrunk (secondary and tertiary sectors have grown) and so has the attention given to it. Farmers… Read More »

Casual Sexism and Domestic Violence: How they are Intertwined?

That women are at a disadvantage in society is no new news. Yet despite such awareness, progress in terms of women empowerment has been excruciatingly slow. Most people like to believe that today’s woman is empowered and free, but nothing could’ve been further from the truth. Sexism is a very ugly truth that we would rather ignore. Because… Read More »

The Ayodhya Land Dispute – A Timeline of Events

Communal violence is no new story, especially when it comes to Hindus and Muslims. The two religions have always been at odds with each other, at times taking a very violent turn. The Ram Janmabhoomi – Babri Masjid case or the Ayodhya dispute is one long-standing example that has been at the core of a lot of communal… Read More »

Sexism in religion – what’s the solution?

This article titled “Sexism in religion – what’s the solution?” deals with several issues pertaining to religion that women face and have come up over time. Introduction In the recent past, numerous women have spoken up about the discrimination meted out to them under the guise of religion. Most, if not all, religions have a patriarchal bias which… Read More »

Stuck in Regressive Traditions: Khap Panchayats

Recently, as I was roaming around in the bottomless pit that is the World Wide Web, I came across a particularly interesting Twitter account – @khappanchayat. Their bio reads, “Making the world a better place, one missing couple at a time. Go against us and we’ll fatwa your behinds”. Sadly, no other description could have been more accurate.… Read More »

Media trial – How big is this problem?

Introduction – Media Trial British Member of Parliament, Lord Macaulay, had, years ago, called the media “the fourth pillar of democracy”. It has since been quoted often, and free media is considered indispensable in a democracy. But the media today isn’t what it was then. Multiple factors have led to media organizations compromising their journalistic ethics and principles… Read More »