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Where Does Your Blood Go? – What Most Blood Donors Don’t Realize – by Sakshi Shivpuri

Blood transfusions save hundreds of lives every day. Numerous blood drives are conducted throughout the nation where people queue up to donate their blood for free, which is sold at exorbitant prices – one unit of blood in the city of Mumbai costs Rs. 850. This is the price set by the government and there are no exceptions… Read More »

Stuck in Regressive Traditions – on Khap Panchayats – by Sakshi Shivpuri

Recently, as I was roaming around in the bottomless pit that is the World Wide Web, I came across a particularly interesting Twitter account – @khappanchayat. Their bio reads, “Making the world a better place, one missing couple at a time. Go against us and we’ll fatwa your behinds”. Sadly, no other description could have been more accurate.… Read More »