Shreya Sahoo

Shreya Sahoo

Shreya is a law student studying at the National Law University, Odisha. She is a good researcher and enjoys reading. She is interested in Intellectual Property Rights and International Law. Additionally, in her spare time, she also enjoys cubing.

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Defamation: Meaning and Exceptions

INTRODUCTION Law provides safeguards for a person’s reputation similar to the protection it provides to his life and property. Indian Penal Code has provisions to punish offenders for committing defamation against the state under Section 124A and defamation of class contained in Section 153. Additionally, Chapter XXI of IPC deals with defamation of a person. SECTION 499, IPC… Read More »

Criminal Conspiracy

Laws pertaining to the conspiracy are deemed to the most complex ones considering the other inchoate offences in common law. One may find the laws related to conspiracy as arbitrary. Section 120A – Definition of criminal conspiracy “When two or more per­sons agree to do, or cause to be done, an illegal act, or an act which is… Read More »

Case Analysis: Bachan Singh v. State of Punjab (1980)

In the landmark case of Bachan Singh v. the State of Punjab,[2] the court observed that death sentence may be awarded in the “rarest of rare cases in which the alternative sentence of life is unquestionably foreclosed.” INTRODUCTION Pronouncing a judgment awarding capital punishment has always been a pressing issue for debates. After the making of the Constitution… Read More »

Offences relating to Marriage

Offences related to marriage are dealt with in Chapter XX, IPC. The offences enumerated in this chapter are in one way or the other related to infidelity in the institution of marriage. The Criminal Law (Second Amendment) Act, 1983 inserted Chapter XX-A which contained Section 498A that dealt with cruelty meted out to wife.[1] MOCK OR INVALID MARRIAGES… Read More »