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National Solidarity Day

India celebrates its solidarity day on 20th October every year. This is a day that is of exceptional importance for all of us. It was the day when our northern neighbour who was a friend to us has propelled a sudden an attack on our territory which continued for about a month and ended when the ceasefire was… Read More »

Recognition Of Stock Exchanges

A stock exchange is that organization consisting of various people which was created to achieve the objective of the controlling, assisting or regulating the dealing, purchasing or selling the securities in the market. Such a body may or may not get incorporated. Further, SEBI and SCRA are required to provide recognition to such a body so that it… Read More »

Consequences Of Breach Of Contract

The article discusses the Consequences of Breach of Contract. A contractual agreement is the backbone of commerce & trade of any country. Any country which promotes commercial transactions has seen a multifold increase in the trade and thus increases in the GDP of the country. Contractual transactions work on the trust-i.e. there should be trust from both the… Read More »

Government Securities

This article discusses meaning of government securities. When the government itself issues any traditional instrument or bonds with a guarantee that the principal amount in addition to the periodic interest payments will be repaid as soon as the securities get matures, such bonds or instruments are known as government securities. It is used as a means for acknowledging… Read More »