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The Doctrine of Mens Rea

The Doctrine of Mens Rea Mens rea refers to the mental element necessary for a particular crime. Mental element may be either intention to do the act or bring about the consequence or in some crimes recklessness as to that consequence. It implies a blameworthy condition of mind which involves a knowledge of the character of the act… Read More »

Centre and States should imbibe the spirit of Cooperative Federalism: Justice K M Joseph

Introduction The Apex Court Judge, Justice KM Joseph recently underlined and emphasized on the requirement for “cooperative Federalism” for India, between the Centre and the States, to end up a “normally indestructible formation” “Both the Centre and the States must soak up a veritable soul of co-operative Federalism, if not communitarian Federalism. There can be no Centre without… Read More »

Significance of the Aadhaar Dissent – By Vasundhara Kaushik

Introduction Justice Dhananjaya Yeshwant Chandrachud’s dissenting decision in the matter of Justice KS Puttaswamy (Retd) and Another versus Union of India and Others, in which he held Aadhaar to be unconstitutional in its entirety, is as a rule broadly hailed by commentators. While the four judges out of a five-judge bench have maintained that the Aadhaar venture and… Read More »