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Miscarriage of Justice: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – By Vasundhara

Reparations for the wrongful prosecution shall be made; mere acquittals were not enough as there still lays an uphill battle even after acquittal. Introduction The statement “It is better that 10 guilty people escape than that one honest suffer” condenses and features the slip-ups and shameful acts in the criminal justice framework, which ultimately gives way to denial… Read More »

Analysis of the MODI Government as India braces for general elections 2019

Introduction General elections are expected to be held in India in April or May 2019 to comprise the seventeenth Lok Sabha.  Legislative assembly elections in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Sikkim, and Jammu and Kashmir will be probably held at the same time with the general elections. This year, an aggregate of 57% nationals… Read More »

The Indian Penal Code, 1860- A General Introduction and Background

The Indian Penal Code is one of the most unique and spectacular Penal Law Code entailing a number of crimes, their scope, nature and punishments thereof. It is best-taken care in the hands of Judiciary, Law practitioners, academicians, students and law learners. The Indian Penal Code indirectly owes its origin to Jeremy Bentham, who is a well-known jurist… Read More »

KIIT University Clashes: Fracas breaks out between Engineering & Law Students, Section 144 imposed

  An eve-teasing occurrence including an engineering understudy and a law student at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar apparently bubbled over into an all-out mob at the campus on Saturday, leaving a few students seriously and genuinely harmed. The scuffle or the brawl is said to have resulted in over 40 understudies or students being… Read More »

Centre and States should imbibe the spirit of Cooperative Federalism: Justice K M Joseph

Introduction The Apex Court Judge, Justice KM Joseph recently underlined and emphasized on the requirement for “cooperative Federalism” for India, between the Centre and the States, to end up a “normally indestructible formation” “Both the Centre and the States must soak up a veritable soul of co-operative Federalism, if not communitarian Federalism. There can be no Centre without… Read More »

Oil Price suffers its worst monthly drop in more than two years – Find Out Why

Oil prices posted their greatest month to month drop since July 2016. Crude futures began October at about four-year highs, reinforced by approaching the U.S. endorses on Iran’s rough fares. Oil got cleared up in a market auction that has seen dealers shed hazard resources while rising oil supplies and a debilitating interest standpoint thump crude futures. || Oil… Read More »