Call for Papers: National Seminar on Training and Awareness on Mediation [Sep 15, Jaipur]: Submit by Sep 5, 2018

By | August 29, 2018

Ranka Public Charitable Trust with Rajasthan Law Institute in collaboration with the Indian Mediation Week Jaipur Chapter-(PU) is organizing a one-day National Seminar on training and awareness on Mediation on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

About the Seminar

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution and is a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties. Apart from parties referring disputes to mediation voluntarily, under Section 89 of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 where it appears to court that there exist elements of a settlement which may be acceptable to the parties, the court may refer parties to, inter alia, arbitration, conciliation or mediation.

In mediation, a third party (the mediator) assists the parties to negotiate their own settlement. In some cases, mediators may express a view on what might be fair or reasonable settlements, generally where all the parties agree that the mediator may do so.

The mediator then helps them to reach a conclusion based on their agreed upon terms. As it is voluntarily processed and the parties retain all the rights and powers, any party can withdraw from the process of mediation at any phase without stating any reason.

Mediation encourages the parties to participate in dispute resolution actively and directly whereby they explain the facts of their dispute, lay down options or ways to resolve the dispute and make a final decision by coming to a settlement.

The mediation process in India follows all the general rules of evidence and, examination and cross-examination of witness. To know all the legal rights you have over the issue, you can discuss with your ADR lawyer hoe you can put up your demands and negotiate it with the other party.

One of the primary benefits of mediation in India is that it is completely private methods of dispute resolution. Only the disputing parties and the mediator are involved, making the affairs of the parties personal and private. The mediator is an impartial and independent third party, who helps the parties in finding their own solution.

All statements made during the process of mediation in India cannot be disclosed in civil proceedings or any other place without the prior consent of all parties in writing.

The Seminar focuses on training and awareness programs for students and academicians to demonstrate how meditating skills and conflict resolution skills can be used to solve the cases where the settlement can be done and to enable legal literacy in the contemporary legal field by the ones excelling in the same.

Date of the Seminar

Saturday, 15th September 2018

Theme and Sub-Themes

“National Seminar on training and awareness on Mediation”


  1. Peacebuilding “after” conflict
  2. Cross-Cultural Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  3. Mediation with reference to family matters

Students can go for any other sub-themes under the purview of the above-mentioned theme.

Call for Papers

Papers are invited from the academicians, practitioners, research scholars and students of law and social science background on the issues related to the above said themes.

Submission Guidelines for Abstract and Full Paper

  • An abstract of 250–300 words accompanied by details of the author containing his/her email ID, contact number, and postal address should be sent.
  • The Paper should between 3000-5000 words.
  • Mention of the sub-theme is mandatory. Only one co-author shall be allowed.
  • It must be typed in Times New Roman Font Size 12 on A4 size paper with 1.5” margin on all sides with 1.5 line spacing using MS Word. Any mode of citation can be followed but it should be uniformly cited.
  • The papers shall be reviewed by the editorial board by the Jaipur Law Journal and only selected papers shall be published.

Submission Procedure

All the abstracts and full-length papers shall be sent to the email: 

Registration Fees

  • Students and Scholars: Rs. 250/-
  • Academicians / Practitioners: Rs. 500/-

Note:  In the case of co-authored papers, each author will have to pay the registration fee amount individually/independently.

Registration fees must be sent via Paytm or cash in hand and the details for the same shall be sent to the participants via mail after selection of the abstract.

Important Dates

  • Last date of submission of abstract: 5th September 2018
  • Last Date for submission of full paper along with registration form and fee: 12th September 2018


  1. Best Research Paper Presentation (Slot 1): Certificate, Trophy, and INR 1,100 cash prize.
  2. Best Research Paper Presentation (Slot 2): Certificate, Trophy, and INR 1,100 cash prize.


  1. Nishant Jaiswal (Coordinator): +919057688512
  2. Prashant Yadav (IMW’18 Jaipur Chapter (PU)): +918440896749
  3. Udit Kirori (IMW’18 Jaipur Chapter (PU))+917073931990

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