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The Rapid Growth of Online Casino Industry in India

The online gaming industry experiences growth all across the world. Many factors have led to the stable growth of the industry. The most important one is the development of new technologies. They tend to change every aspect of our lives, and they do affect the online casino industry.  The Indian gambling market is experiencing fast and stable growth… Read More »

Gambling and Betting with a VPN: Here’s the legal position

There are two divergent trains of thought when it comes to using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Many argue that if you haven’t done anything wrong, why bother with a VPN? The other line of thought argues that government and Internet Service Providers use a lot of surveillance and you can’t take enough measures you can take to… Read More »

How Fast Can I Write a College Essay Using Qualified Custom Essay Writing Service? Find Out from This Review

“How can I managed to linger the schedule to complete my essay in time?” or “Damn it! Only a day left to prepare my university paper!”. Apparently, these phrases you used to say when several hours left for your assignment submission deadline. Maybe, the reason is procrastination influence or sticking to a favorite movie watching or just chilling… Read More »

Common Myths about Online Gambling and its Legal Status

Gambling, both in its online and land-based form is one of the most popular activities known to mankind. With the advances in technology, online casinos have mushroomed and their popularity has soared with time. The convenience of gambling from the comfort of your home to attractive bonuses and a wide range of themes and games to choose from,… Read More »

What’s at stake for law students? A plan almost Perfect!

What’s at stake for law students? A plan almost Perfect! Starting from learning the difference between an act and an Act, to interpreting statutes by ourselves, we all grew up. Time-bound assignments to moot court activities though seem a little intimidating, but those were the opportunities that helped to unravel our bold, vivacious character, only to fall in… Read More »

Gambling in India – The Legal Status

In many countries around the world, gambling has become a major part of the economy. Although there are some critics that this industry is facing (like the people being prone to gambling addictions), there’s no doubt that the work of these facilities has certain pros. The gambling industry employs millions of people around the world, and pays much… Read More »

Budget Tips for College Students

Every student needs to know some tips regarding college education. Because be it mathematics or chemistry, students always have some difficulties with their subjects. Furthermore, a lot of students complain that they, as usual, have a lack of time to perform all the homework tasks. Very often they face such health problems as stress and depression. Because they… Read More »

Online Gambling Regulations in India

Is online gambling regulated in India? Read our article and learn how India controls online gambling activity and betting in the market. How is Online Gambling Regulated in India? India is the second-biggest country in the world in terms of population. Millions of people everyday use the internet to have fun. For the most part, the entertainment industry… Read More »

25 Renowned Jurists you Must Know | Top Legal Luminaries

The legacy and eccentric nature of law have always been carried by few renowned Jurists in the world, who not only inspires the young aspirants of law but are also known for their commendable achievements and contribution to the field. Their presence has always played a significant role in bringing changes to the conservative rules of law. With… Read More »