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Gambling in India: What’s Legal and What’s Not

The gambling industry continues to grow and spread worldwide. Currently, the global gambling market is already valued at over 227 billion US dollars, and it is still expected to rise in the coming years. Some of the countries that gamble the most are the United States, Ireland, and Australia. However, there is a good chance that India will… Read More »

Facial Recognition Technology: Trends, Working Principles, and Woes

As technology keeps advancing and the Internet makes its way to every aspect of human lives, more personal information is shared. This information is used for connecting friends and family, serving ads, and even personalizing services. With regards to security, personal details such as retina shape, fingerprint details, and facial appearance can now be used for device security… Read More »

5 Lane-Splitting Tips

Lane-splitting is beneficial to motorists in that it curbs congestion, lowers commute times, and, if done right, enhances the safety of motorcyclists. The problem is that most people don’t know how to execute lane-splitting, making the habit more of a danger than an advantage to motorcyclists and other road users. If you are moving to a place where… Read More »

How are online gambling winnings taxed?

Even though gambling is a controversial topic in India, it has always been part of the culture. To date, many still gamble on card games in major events and festivals such as Diwali. The legality and taxation has however remained a complex issue in the nation. But as the online gambling industry grows, it is becoming necessary to… Read More »

Women And Glass Ceiling: An Illusion Or Reality

Glass ceiling is basically a metaphor which is put to use to symbolize an intangible barrier that keeps from a given demographic from rising beyond a certain level in the hierarchy. Women And Glass Ceiling: An Illusion Or Reality It is not new that we have realised that the gender “women” are discriminated and underestimated on the basis… Read More »

The Evolution of Payment Systems In The Digital Era

The rapid rise of technology has changed everything in the business world. When it comes to payment systems, the digital revolution has completely re-shaped how we make transactions. Not too long ago, we used to rely on cash and checks for purchases, but now there are far more advanced payment methods, all of which are supported by reliable cybersecurity.… Read More »

Plagiarism Resources – Library Guide for Law Journal

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of plagiarism and its effects on your life and your business, then you are landing in the right place as today we are going to tell you all about plagiarism. In this content we are going to introduce you to the definition of plagiarism, the different types of plagiarism, the effects… Read More »