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Result: 4th National Judgment Writing Competition 2019

The Amity Law School proudly announces the result and rank of the 4th National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019. The Fourth Edition of National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019 was organised in collaboration with SCC Online, and Legal Bites. The Organising Committee of Amity Law School, Gurugram would like to thank every participant of the 4th National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019 for… Read More »

Need of solving past year papers of CLAT

 The past year’s papers have proved to be the most beneficial material for the students. When one analysis the strategy adopted by the toppers to clear CLAT, one will realize that the past year papers have been always focused upon. The toppers always regard these papers as their ultimate tool for preparing for the competitive exam. Not only… Read More »

World Food Day

This article discusses World Food Day. By uniting, it is possible to begin a fight that is against hunger. By uniting, it is possible to bring a tomorrow, for all the children across the world, which is better than the present day by the way of feeding them. It is important for all the people to come together… Read More »

10 things to know about Internet Day

International Internet Day is celebrated annually on 29th October since 2005. Here are 10 things to know about Internet Day: Although the invention of the internet itself became possible due to a number of other inventions, the Internet can be said to be the most important invention based upon the impact that it has had upon mankind. The… Read More »

National Solidarity Day

India celebrates its solidarity day on 20th October every year. This is a day that is of exceptional importance for all of us. It was the day when our northern neighbour who was a friend to us has propelled a sudden an attack on our territory which continued for about a month and ended when the ceasefire was… Read More »

UAPA Amendment Act: Here is All you Need to Know

Parliament of India has passed several controversial bills. One of them was the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2019. Pursuant to the amendment, an individual can now be declared as a “terrorist” by the Central Government at any stage of the investigation without any procedural and constitutional safeguards whatsoever. The said amendment has been subjected to a lot… Read More »

10 Things you must do in a Law School

There exist ferocious challenges in almost every part of the life spent in a law school. This competition commences with the exams and finds its end with the politics played by the students. Everyone focuses on an increasing number of achievements in his/ her CV. They compose blogs, articles, papers and many other things to make their CV… Read More »