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The Rise of Legal Casinos And Online Gambling In India

Gambling has been taking place for thousands of years, artifacts and preserved documents tell us how in ancient times people would wager on animal fights. Over the centuries people from China, South Asia, and Persia started to gamble on something less dramatic. Horse racing was established as a more humane form of sport to gamble on and one… Read More »

How to Curb Gambling Addiction so You can Be Successful

For many of us, we have dreams, and there are plenty of young litigators that are working towards that success. However, addiction, especially gambling addiction, can be a major problem. Is there anything that you can do about this? Is there anything which can be done to curb this problem, especially when you’re trying to be successful in… Read More »

How Gender Dysphoria can Impact Working

For some people, their main focus is to finish schooling and get their degree so that they can start their job in the workforce. Whether it’s becoming a lawyer, or something else, working towards your future is common for many younger adults. However, a big problem for many is gender dysphoria.  This is unease due to the fact… Read More »

4 Tips for a Novice Lawyer

Practice makes perfect, and everyone can use this rule for everything. For example, professionals in sports betting win much more often than newcomers. The same thing about lawyers. If you are a novice one, then these tips will help you improve your skills. Communicate With More Experienced Colleagues as You Would With Clients A novice lawyer’s job is… Read More »

Is Playing Online Rummy Legal?

Rummy is one of the most favored card games in India. It is played during festivals like Dussehra, Holi, and Diwali and in fact, any celebration is incomplete without this card game. The undying love for this card game is the reason why online rummy became an instant hit among the people and with good reason. Traditionally, rummy… Read More »

Gambling in India: What’s Legal and What’s Not

The gambling industry continues to grow and spread worldwide. Currently, the global gambling market is already valued at over 227 billion US dollars, and it is still expected to rise in the coming years. Some of the countries that gamble the most are the United States, Ireland, and Australia. However, there is a good chance that India will… Read More »

Facial Recognition Technology: Trends, Working Principles, and Woes

As technology keeps advancing and the Internet makes its way to every aspect of human lives, more personal information is shared. This information is used for connecting friends and family, serving ads, and even personalizing services. With regards to security, personal details such as retina shape, fingerprint details, and facial appearance can now be used for device security… Read More »