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How households can draw lessons from the Budget

The Union Budget can be a handful for most experts, leave alone households. So how can households hope to derive any lesson from the Union Budget? You will be surprised. All budgets are the same At a level all budgets, be it for a household or a nation, follow enduring principles and guidelines. Once you understand how the… Read More »

DEMONITISATION – A flop show or a success story

DEMONITISATION – A flop show or a success story The new policy by the BJP Government was no less than a bombshell on the Indian economy. Various justifications were given for its introduction that includes reduction of black money, stoppage on the terrorist funding and much more. Well before we could discuss whether the government is able to… Read More »

Know about Narco Analysis and Brain Mapping

Know about Narco Analysis and Brain Mapping The Latin expression “in vino veri- tas” meaning “truth in wine” shows that alcohol can be the one of the oldest truth sera. The term narco-analysis is derived from the Greek word narke meaning “numbness” and is used as a psycho therapeutic as well as an interrogating technique that uses barbiturate… Read More »

Be extraordinary – because ordinary doesn’t count

If you wan’t to lead an extra ordinary life, find out what ordinary do and don’t do it. – Tommy Newberry We know life is simple, but living remarkably is not easy. A remarkable life is hard, but its worth the efforts. Being extraordinary is not about position or title, power or authority, celebrity or wealth, family or genetics.… Read More »

Avoid the disaster – Save your semester

 Avoid the disaster – Save your semester This simple strategy helps you pull yourself out of a muddle. 1) Don’t panic While there is always a temptation to lie on your floor, or to see how fast you can eat an entire tub of ice cream when faced with the prospects of exams, you can’t panic. There is still… Read More »

I love the law- #LawDay 26th November

I love the law.  What I love is the fact that it is, at its heart, basically just an agreement between you and me and all of us that we will trust in a set of rules and remedies – and a system of courts and judges that we basically created – to resolve our disputes.Aristotle said, “At… Read More »

It’s time to change – wake up Indian Universities

It’s time to change – wake up Indian Universities Indian higher education sector is at a precarious position. It is because there is a conceptual difference in the motive to join a university between the students in a developed country and a developing country. In developed countries students join universities in quest of knowledge and to further their… Read More »

12 life hacks we can learn from Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter known as the ‘best closer’ in the city, is one hell of a lawyer. He has built his career and life around one thing: winning. He’s the picture of professional success. Harvey Specter is not only a super psychoanalyst or clergyman; as an action-taking lawyer clubbed with business-mind, who gets things done, he’s an amazing textbook.… Read More »

Law Commission seeks public views on uniform code

In an accompanying questionnaire, the Commission has asked whether the existing personal laws and customary practices need codification. Amid a raging debate on uniform civil code, the law panel has sought public views on the subject to revise and reform family laws, saying the aim is to address social injustice rather than plurality of laws. In an appeal… Read More »