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Gambling in India – The Legal Status

In many countries around the world, gambling has become a major part of the economy. Although there are some critics that this industry is facing (like the people being prone to gambling addictions), there’s no doubt that the work of these facilities has certain pros. The gambling industry employs millions of people around the world, and pays much… Read More »

Budget Tips for College Students

Every student needs to know some tips regarding college education. Because be it mathematics or chemistry, students always have some difficulties with their subjects. Furthermore, a lot of students complain that they, as usual, have a lack of time to perform all the homework tasks. Very often they face such health problems as stress and depression. Because they… Read More »

Online Gambling Regulations in India

Is online gambling regulated in India? Read our article and learn how India controls online gambling activity and betting in the market. How is Online Gambling Regulated in India? India is the second-biggest country in the world in terms of population. Millions of people everyday use the internet to have fun. For the most part, the entertainment industry… Read More »

25 Renowned Jurists you Must Know | Top Legal Luminaries

The legacy and eccentric nature of law have always been carried by few renowned Jurists in the world, who not only inspires the young aspirants of law but are also known for their commendable achievements and contribution to the field. Their presence has always played a significant role in bringing changes to the conservative rules of law. With… Read More »

The Laws on Cricket

For over 250 years, Cricket has been regulated by a set of codes, also known as laws. Such codes were subject to modifications and improvements proposed by regulatory authorities of the particular time. The MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) has been regarded as the supreme authority for the creation of the Code and all subsequent modifications since its establishment… Read More »

Legal Bites, a tour de force | Best Online Law Education Platform 2020

A tour de force and an exceptional platform to educate and empower people, Legal Bites, has marked itself with various achievements. An ed-tech platform which promises to impart affordable and reliable content to their readers… Legal Bites has been recognised as the ‘Best Online Law Education Platform 2020’ in Indian Excellence Awards by APAC insider. With countless efforts and… Read More »

Online Gambling in India – What is the Legal Position?

There is no doubt that online gambling is a popular activity in India. Although technically there is no regulation of the activity to state whether it’s legal or illegal. The Indian government has not taken decisive action on this matter lately, and it seems as though the issue is being left to individual states to decide upon. However,… Read More »

10 Things you must do in a Law School

There exist ferocious challenges in almost every part of the life spent in a law school. This competition commences with the exams and finds its end with the politics played by the students. Everyone focuses on an increasing number of achievements in his/ her CV. They compose blogs, articles, papers and many other things to make their CV… Read More »