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10 Interesting Facts About Supreme Court of India

This article presents 10 Interesting Facts About the Supreme Court. Indian Constitution provides for the establishment of the Supreme Court of India, which is also known as the Apex Court, the highest constitutional court as well as the final court of appeal. It has been granted with a wide range of powers in terms of original, advisory and… Read More »

Women: A Rising Phoenix by Sakshi Sinha

Women are considered as the rising phoenix of the modern world but the current status of women has not been at its best but is getting worse in several areas at the same time. There are a lot of social boundaries keeping women in this country from achieving their goals. Fighting all odds against themselves many women have… Read More »

Key Points to Remember while Reviewing Legislation

Reviewing legislation is a much more difficult task than drafting legislation. This article provides key points to remember while reviewing the legislation. Introduction No law is good law if it does not cater to the needs and requirements of the society and to cater to the requirements of the society, a law needs to be up-to-date. Therefore, the… Read More »

How to Draft a Legislation?

Drafting legislation is an extremely onerous task and requires proficiency. It is usually difficult to express with exact precision anything that may be easily conceivable by the mind. This is the skill of a legislation drafter who is expected to pen down every word with the exactness to create a nexus between the legislation and the intention behind… Read More »

Legalities on Gaming in India

Gaming in India Gaming in India is heavily restricted except for selective categories including lotteries and sports betting. Gambling critics claim that it leads to crime, corruption and money laundering. Even though regulated gambling is arguably a huge source of revenue for the state. Unfortunately, there are only a few casinos located in only three states; Sikkim, Goa… Read More »

Vacation in the USA? Stay on the Right Side of the Law

As an Indian citizen, it’s exciting to travel to foreign countries for a vacation. One of the most interesting places to visit in the United States. Many Indians now have relatives who have moved there, so it’s natural to want to pay them a visit when time and funds allow. The legal system is very different from India… Read More »

How to Solve Law School Problems?

Law school problems are one of the most serious issues for a law student. This article titled “How to Solve Law School Problems” enlists the problems faced by a law student and ways to solve the same. It ranges from problems regarding studies to that of emotional well-being. Homesickness  For many students, hostel lives happen for the first… Read More »

Important Laws for NRIs #NRI Day Special

Important Laws for NRIs is important to know not only because of the occasion of the NRI Day as on January 9, 2019, but also because of the different repercussions it has upon the legal obligations and rights that may or may not be possessed by them, though they do not reside in India. Introduction When you call… Read More »

An Introduction to Special laws relating to Women in India

Abstract The article is an introduction to the Indian laws which are exclusively related to women. They can be broadly divided into various categories based on the specific domain of their impact. These laws along with several others together are instrumental in women empowerment in the Indian context. Introduction All over the world throughout history women constituting almost… Read More »

Education policies of India V.s Developed Countries

Abstract The article discusses in detail the Education Policies of various nations of the world. It focuses mainly on the developed nations and countries with high HDI index. The article also provides the reader with a chance to comparatively analyse these policies with that of India. Introduction By the term developed countries, the conventional definition is based on… Read More »