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Should You Seek Legal Help If You’ve Had A Birth Injury?

If you have a baby born with a birth injury, this could lead to complications or even disabilities such as cerebral palsy. There may be someone at fault. A lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling birth injury cases can help you take the legal steps needed to seek compensation and justice for your child. This article… Read More »

Questions To Ask A Criminal Defense Attorney Binghamton NY

If you’re reading this and you’re on the hunt for an excellent criminal defense attorney, then chances are you’re in deep trouble. Perhaps you’ve just gotten home from jail. You may have also just received your criminal charge for an offense you’ve committed or have been accused of doing. Now you’re left wondering, how can you best go… Read More »

4 Things Every Worker Needs To Know About Wrongful Termination

A wrongful termination is exactly what it sounds like – it is when an employer lays off an employee without good grounds for doing so. Such termination is considered illegal in the eyes of the law and is therefore subject to a judicial challenge through the court system. Introduction Job security is vital for leading a stress-free life.… Read More »

Why Should You Be on LinkedIn? Law Student Version

This article explains the importance of LinkedIn in the life of a law student. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. Like many law students, while pursuing their course, are actively looking for new opportunities, LinkedIn is the right place for them. The entire platform is designed to facilitate growth. This article articulates the features of LinkedIn a law… Read More »

Career Opportunities in Armed Forces for Law Students (JAG) Branch

Introduction In this article, we will discuss the Job opportunities for law students in the Indian Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General (JAG) Branch. The term ‘Judge Advocate’ is derived from “Judex advocates” meaning Judge called to assist the court without being a constituent of it. In the Indian context, the Charter of 1683 was provided for a Court… Read More »

Balancing the Law-life | By Arushi Bhatnagar

Learn to balance the Law-Life, like the Bailey statue balances the justice! Introduction: Balancing the Law-life We have often seen lawyers as people fighting for rights and justice, little do we realize what goes into being a lawyer. Bollywood and media have always instilled our perception of lawyers. The image that society holds of them puts law professionals… Read More »

Curriculum Vitae: A Guide to Building one in Law School (Sample)

The truth must be leaked: There is no one way to have a perfect Curriculum Vitae for a law student. All formats work if some particulars are kept in mind while drafting one. These particulars are listed below. I. Important Particulars of Curriculum Vitae 1. Personal Particulars Name of the individual, name of the college, course specification including… Read More »

Are Online Courses Worth It? Know the Pros And Cons

Yes, online courses are learning portals where the education is imparted through digital means and improves the knowledge on a particular topic or subject of the student. These can be accessed through the internet and are treated as a revolution. As it is changing the traditional education system of learning and bringing out new ways of imparting knowledge… Read More »