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Balancing the Law-life | By Arushi Bhatnagar

Learn to balance the Law-Life, like the Bailey statue balances the justice! Introduction: Balancing the Law-life We have often seen lawyers as people fighting for rights and justice, little do we realize what goes into being a lawyer. Bollywood and media have always instilled our perception of lawyers. The image that society holds of them puts law professionals… Read More »

Curriculum Vitae: A Guide to Building one in Law School (Sample)

The truth must be leaked: There is no one way to have a perfect Curriculum Vitae for a law student. All formats work if some particulars are kept in mind while drafting one. These particulars are listed below. I. Important Particulars of Curriculum Vitae 1. Personal Particulars Name of the individual, name of the college, course specification including… Read More »

Are Online Courses Worth It? Know the Pros And Cons

Yes, online courses are learning portals where the education is imparted through digital means and improves the knowledge on a particular topic or subject of the student. These can be accessed through the internet and are treated as a revolution. As it is changing the traditional education system of learning and bringing out new ways of imparting knowledge… Read More »

Dealing with Law School Problems

Life in a law school makes or breaks a student. This article provides ways to deal with the Law School Problems. Introduction A degree in the law can open up the doors in many other careers which other degrees cannot because a law graduate is someone who can work in all three organs of the government. Law being… Read More »

Career Opportunities of an Arbitrator

Career Opportunities for an Arbitrator are immense. There are multiple organisations that work for institutional arbitration. As an arbitrator, one can always consider joining them. Rest, the fields are as wide as including commercial, investment and labour disputes. Hence, one can gain specialisation in any one of them in the market. Introduction Resolving disputes is a skill as… Read More »

Entertainment Law: Career Opportunities as an Entertainment Lawyer

This article aims at first understanding the crucial elements of entertainment law and the features of this particular field of law. Furthermore, the paper shall explain the legislation that implements entertainment law in India and that extends to our media industry. The main focus of the article, however, will be on possible career opportunities as a legal executive… Read More »

10 Careers Choices after LLB

10 Careers Choices after LLB | Overview Litigation Law Firms National and Multi-national Companies Judiciary Legal Advisor Public Prosecutor Teacher or Lecturer Civil Services Judge Advocate General Legal Journalism The article endeavours to provide the pros and cons of 10 careers after LLB along with the scope and procedure to enter the field. Remember when you were in… Read More »

10 Things to Consider Before Opting for Law As a Career

The article discusses the 10 Things to Consider Before Opting for Law As a Career. With the declaration of class 12th results, every student is now contemplating what course of action has to be taken. There is now, a plethora of opportunities for students, which was earlier not the case. Earlier student after completing class 12th has only… Read More »