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The VITAlex debate society of VIT School of law, VIT Chennai are proud to present to you the VITSOL National Debate Competition to be held on the 22nd and 23rd of March,2019. This is the first of its kind VITA lex’s National Debate Competition. VITSOL National Debate Competition facilitates our future generation to improve their talents and honing the… Read More »

The Ballot Wrangle: Alliance University National Debate [Bengaluru, Oct 29-30]; Register by Oct 21

Alliance Debate Club, Alliance University presents the National Debate – 2018, The Ballot Wrangle: May the polls be ever in your favour! Topics for the Debate: Should a criminal charge, cost you the right to contest election? Efficacy of Election Commission of India Proportional Representation vs. First Past The Post System One Nation – One Election Date: 29th… Read More »