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Applicability of GST Audit

The Article ‘Applicability of GST audit’ by Ishita Singh delves into the process of audit under Good and Services Tax (GST) in depth. This Article demonstrates various categories of the GST audit as well as the goal of the GST audit. An audit is an intrinsic aspect in order to verify whether the business account is in compliance… Read More »

An Analysis of Constitutional Provisions Regarding Tax in India

I. Introduction A nation’s economy is strengthened by its taxation system, which ensures that revenues are stable, regulates economic development, and stimulates industrial activity. The authority to levy the tax comes from the Constitution which distributes the power to levy various taxes between the Union and the States. An important restriction on this power is Article 265 of… Read More »

Types of Taxes in India and their Functioning

In this article ‘Types of Taxes in India and their Functioning,’ we will explore the prevalence of several types of taxes. In India, taxes may be direct or indirect. However, the sorts of taxes vary depending on whether they are imposed by union, state, or local governments. Types of Taxes in India and their Functioning India has a… Read More »

Different Modes of Corporate Funding

Introduction Corporations often need outside investment (Corporate Funding), or capital, to grow their company into new markets or regions, to engage in research and development, or to compete. While corporations generally strive to finance such initiatives with earnings from current operations, it is often more advantageous to seek external lenders or investors. Despite the many distinctions across the… Read More »

Different Agreements for Startup

In this article ‘Different Agreements for Startup’, we will look into a few sparkly important agreements startups shall consider as a prominent aspect before making cardinal decisions. Introduction Risk Management is the quality most new entrepreneurs are likely to incorporate in their business models before broadening their horizons. This risk also includes a varied range of complex legal… Read More »

What is the right time to launch the Product?

The majority of individuals have said that it is more vital to release the product quickly than it is to do it correctly. However, how soon should you disclose it? Occasionally, users may abandon your product and refrain from providing feedback due to a lack of features, but if you wait until all of the features are complete,… Read More »

Understanding the Fundamentals and Concepts of Money Laundering

This article titled ‘Understanding the Fundamentals and Concepts of Money Laundering.’ is written by Mayank Shekhar and attempts at providing an understanding of the concept of money laundering. I. What is money laundering? Money laundering (ML) in layman languages means a process by which individuals involved in criminal activities launder their assets, money and other profits in order to… Read More »