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If you want to put your story across the room, drafting Legal Drafts and Agreements is a must required skill. We at Legal Bites provide you with excellent guidance on getting the art of legal drafting, information related to various competitions and allow you to grasp this skill with ease.

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”- Terry Pratchett

Bail Application: Step-by-Step Guide and Sample

This article titled ‘Bail Application: Step-by-Step Guide and Sample’ is written by Mayank Shekhar and provides a step-by-step guide to filing a bail application along with samples. Bail was introduced in England for the very first time. After being influenced by India, this idea was established. Since the 1948 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the idea of bail… Read More »

National Policy Drafting Competition – विचार (VICHAAR) | NLU Assam

NSS Unit of NLU Assam in collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the University feels great delight in announcing National Policy Drafting Competition- विचार (Vichaar). About National Policy Drafting Competition- विचार (Vichaar) Policy drafting and policy formulation are regarded as the primary step of any planning process for development. Participation of citizens while drafting a policy… Read More »

Drafting and Registering a Will: Analysis and Sample

This article deals with the process involved in drafting and registering a Will with a detailed analysis of the steps involved. It describes the various advantages of writing a Will, including the essential elements, format and the legal procedure, that is the best safeguard against any kind of confusion or disagreements between parties. I. Meaning of a ‘Will’… Read More »

Cheque Bounce: Concept, Rules, Notice, Procedure & Penalty

Cheque Bounce: Concept, Rules, Notice, Procedure & Penalty | Overview Introduction Concept of Cheque bounce What is a Demand Notice? Rule Landmark Judgements. (In Brief) Penalty Procedure and recourses in cases of Cheque Bounce Criminal Proceedings Civil Proceedings Recent Amendments Conclusion A cheque bounce can occur due to various reasons such as inadequate balance, when the validity of… Read More »

How To Draft An Employment Contract | Learn Here

Introduction Drafting an Employee Contract is a necessary task to be performed at the time of hiring someone to work for you. An Employment Contract is a Contract that legally defines the relationship between the Employer and Employee. Both the Employer and the Employee are required to put their signatures on the agreed terms of the Contract and… Read More »

How to draft a Rent Agreement

Introduction A rent agreement or rental agreement is a legally enforceable document between a landlord/lady and a tenant which lays down premeditated terms and conditions under which the former rents his or her property to the latter. When the owner of a property temporarily transfers possession of the property to another person in exchange for a consideration, it… Read More »

Pre-Nuptial Agreement: An Expression Of Adult Autonomy

A Pre-nuptial agreement is a sort of agreement laying out conditions, between future husband and wife, regarding disputes that may arise in the case of dissolution of marriage. About Pre-Nuptial Agreement Black`s law dictionary defines Pre-nuptial Agreement (prenup) as:- “An agreement made before marriage usually to resolve issues of support and property division if the marriage ends in… Read More »