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Dealing with Law School Problems

Life in a law school makes or breaks a student. This article provides ways to deal with the Law School Problems. Introduction A degree in the law can open up the doors in many other careers which other degrees cannot because a law graduate is someone who can work in all three organs of the government. Law being… Read More »

Why An Online Economics Degree Is A Great Undergrad Degree For Aspiring Lawyers

This article discusses how an online economics degree is a great undergrad degree for aspiring lawyers. With an economics degree, future law students can take their studies into the edge because of both law and economics deal with behavioural psychology, intersecting principles, importance in money, and most importantly, its relevance and involvement in issues that the world faces… Read More »

Career Opportunities of an Arbitrator

Career Opportunities for an Arbitrator are immense. There are multiple organisations that work for institutional arbitration. As an arbitrator, one can always consider joining them. Rest, the fields are as wide as including commercial, investment and labour disputes. Hence, one can gain specialisation in any one of them in the market. Introduction Resolving disputes is a skill as… Read More »

10 Careers Choices after LLB

The article endeavours to provide the pros and cons of 10 careers after LLB along with the scope and procedure to enter the field. Remember when you were in 10th Standard and you had a form in front of you to choose your subjects for secondary education (11th and 12th Standard). You spent times together thinking about it… Read More »