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Meaning and Scope of Mediation

Meaning and Scope of Mediation | Overview Meaning of Mediation Features of Mediation Confidentiality Voluntary Non-Coercive Non-Aggressive Sustains Good Relationship Information Scope of Mediation Mediation has transcended boundaries and has traversed various fields related to law. This article deals with Meaning and Scope of Mediation. I. Meaning of Mediation “Mediation” is also a well-known term and it denotes… Read More »

Introduction to Arbitration and Conciliation Act

The Arbitration and Conciliation act 1996 states that “it is an act to consolidate and amend the law relating to domestic arbitration, international commercial arbitration and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards as also to define the law relating to conciliation and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto”. Introduction Alternative dispute resolution (ADR; known in some countries, such… Read More »

Requirements of Efficient Arbitrators/ Mediators/Conciliators

Requirements of Efficient Arbitrators/ Mediators/Conciliators | Overview Compassion Qualified Experience Understanding Counsellor Objective Patience Temperament Impartiality Licensing Trustworthy Punctuality Optimistic This article discusses the requirements of efficient arbitrators /mediators/conciliators. Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediators have a very important role to play in the resolution of disputes in out-of-court resolution techniques. They act as moderators and are expected to have few… Read More »

Role Play in Mediation Procedure

Role Play in Mediation Procedure | Overview Roleplay of Mediator Introductory sentence Setting of agenda Finding the common ground Facilitating conversation Roleplay of Negotiators Bargaining Method given by FISHER/URY Analyzing BATNA Considering ZOPA Importance of role play Implementation of Theory Skill Development Realistic Encourages further Participation This article discusses the role play in the mediation procedure. Theoretical knowledge… Read More »

Meaning and Scope of Conciliation

Meaning and Scope of Conciliation | Overview Scope International Indian Context Advantages of Conciliation This article discusses the meaning and scope of conciliation. It may be noted that conciliation is an art of consistent persuasion and has little to do with passing judgments to expedite the process.[1] Conciliation is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution wherein the parties… Read More »

UNCITRAL Model Laws on International Commercial Arbitration

UNCITRAL Model Laws on International Commercial Arbitration The genesis of UNCITRAL model laws on international commercial arbitration Provisions of UNCITRL model laws on arbitration The first section is divided into VIII chapters, of the following Importance of UNCITRAL model law on international commercial arbitration This article discusses UNCITRAL model laws on international commercial arbitration. The United Nations Commission… Read More »

Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR

These modules are aimed at providing theoretical and practical insight into the subtle art of Dispute Resolution. After the completion of reading all the materials suggested the readers will be well equipped with the concepts of ADR. The modules also give the students an edge, when participating in the national level ADR competitions. While framing the syllabus it… Read More »

Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act- 2019: Key Highlights

Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act- 2019 | Overview The Arbitration Council of India Chairperson Member Ex-officio Member Part-Time Member Powers and Functions of the Act Removal of Members Appointment of Arbitrators Time Limit for the statement of Claims and Defence u/s 23 Time Limit for Arbitral Award: Amendment u/s 29(A) Confidentiality Protection of Arbitrators Applicability of Arbitration and… Read More »

International Centres of Arbitration

International Centres of Arbitration | Overview EUROPE AFRICA AMERICA ASIA This article discusses the international centres of Arbitration. Arbitration has had an impact on solving international disputes in modern times especially because of the shift of the ideology of the nations in solving disputes from aggressive to peaceful methods. This has happened because of several reasons. The most… Read More »