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Punishments and their Purposes in US

This article on ‘Punishments and their Purposes in US’ written by Nilanjana Banerjee focuses on the purpose of the punishments, the philosophy behind it and the consequences. Crimes ( as defined by Oxford Dictionary) are ‘an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law’[1]. The definition itself includes the role of punishment and thus… Read More »

Economic Crimes-Legal Dimensions and Enforcement Mechanisms | Eshanee

Economic Crimes-Legal Dimensions and Enforcement Mechanism Introduction Economic crimes are generally frauds and breaches of trust involving huge amounts of monetary transactions which jeopardize the growth of the organization, business relations between the organization, stakeholder trust and hold and to some extent destabilizes the government also. Economic crimes are as old as commerce and economics itself. Economic Crimes… Read More »

Wrongful Convictions: How can the State undo the harm?

Wrongful convictions serve unwarranted punishment to the alleged accused and pose serious damage to their life. This article talks about wrongful convictions and the extent of it with a special focus on the matter as to how the state can undo the harm flown out of wrongful convictions. To discuss so, the article deals with the causes that… Read More »

Social Control Theory vs Self-Control Theory

The present article aims to provide an overview of the Social Control and Self-Control Theory and how both theories align or facilitate each other as an explanation for delinquency. I. Introduction The concept of social control and self-control is an essential attribute in the field of sociology and certainly has a complex and controversial evolution. Whilst social control… Read More »

Changing Facets of Corporate Crimes in Cyber Age

The present article discusses the changing facets of corporate crimes in the digital age, with a special focus on the Indian scenario. Corporate Crime is also called organizational crimes in White collar crimes. Today, corporations have become an integral part of society and with regular developments of firms; they have a major role to play in a country’s… Read More »

Protection of Witnesses: A Need of the Hour

The present article, therefore, discusses the need for protection of witnesses, safeguarding their rights in any criminal justice system, with a special focus on the efficacy of the Witness Protection Scheme, 2018.  The Indian Criminal Justice System protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens as guaranteed under the Constitution of India, by enforcing the law and… Read More »

Unraveling Crime: An Insight into Criminal Behaviour and Psyche

“Why do criminals commit crimes?” is an age-old question. Criminal behaviour and psyche continue to be studied closely to this day because they form the very basis of criminal acts and other social evils. Solving crimes would be a nigh-impossible task without being familiar with the inner workings of a criminal’s mind. In this article, Tushar Kol analyses… Read More »

Compensatory Justice- Efficacy of Victim Compensation Scheme

Compensatory Justice- Efficacy of Victim Compensation Scheme | Overview Introduction Victim in Criminal Justice System: A Forgotten Actor The Notion of Victim Compensatory rights Current Scenario of Indian Law Victim and The Constitution of India Victim and the Criminal Justice System Statutory Scheme for Compensation Critical Analysis of Section 357A Position Prior To The Amendment Position Post Amendment… Read More »

Victim Compensation in India: All you need to Know

Victim Compensation in India | Overview Introduction The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 Section 357: Order to Pay Compensation Section 357A: Victim Compensation Scheme Central Victim Compensation Scheme Section 358: Compensation to persons groundlessly arrested Section 359: Order to pay costs in non-cognizable cases. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 Prevention of Caste-Based Victimization and… Read More »