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Study of Penalties And Procedures For Adjudication

Study of Penalties And Procedures For Adjudication | Overview Introduction  to Adjudication Penalty for Failure to Furnish Information, Return Etc Penalty for Failure to  Redress Investor’s Grievances Penalty for Insider Trading Penalty for Contravention Where No Separate Penalty Has Been Provided Power to Adjudicate Introduction  to Adjudication This article discusses the penalties and procedures for adjudication. The provisions… Read More »

Dividends- Meaning and Its Types

Dividends- Meaning and Its Types | Overview Basics of a Dividend Dividend Paying Companies Types of Dividend Impact of Dividends on Share Price This article discusses the meaning and types of dividends. A reward that is distributed from the amount accumulated by virtue of the earnings of the company is termed as the dividend. This reward is distributed… Read More »

Foreign Exchange Management Act (Overview)

Foreign Exchange Management Act | Overview Objectives of FEMA Applicability of FEMA Act Major Provisions in Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 Difference Between FEMA and FERA Functions of RBI Under FEMA This article discusses the Foreign Exchange Management Act. When the natives of two different country trade with each other, the transaction involves the exchange of currency between… Read More »

Share Capital: Concept and Kinds

This article discusses the concept of share capital. There are a lot of companies that get themselves registered only when they have an appropriate quantity of share capital although it is not a necessary condition to have a certain amount of share capital for getting any company incorporated. If any company wants to prescribe a certain amount of… Read More »

Foreign Direct Investment in NBFC Sector

Foreign Direct Investment in NBFC Sector | Overview Changes Done by Budget 2017-18 Law Regulating Foreign Investment Made in NBFC NBFC and Foreign Loans Modes of Foreign Investment Maturity Period and Interest Procedure of Taking Foreign Loans Conversion of Loans Into Equity Consequences of Violation of ECB Regulations  This article discusses foreign direct investment in non-banking financial companies.… Read More »

Appeal To Securities Appellate Tribunal

 This article discusses the appeal to Securities Appellate Tribunal. Appeals arising out of the decisions of the Board between the span of 1992 and 1999 were preferred before the Appellate Authority set by the Central Board as per sec 20. The decisions passed by SAT were appealable before the High Court under sec 15Z. The orders that were… Read More »

Establishment And Jurisdiction Of Appellate Tribunal

Establishment And Jurisdiction Of Appellate Tribunal | Overview Introduction to Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) Establishment of Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) Conversion of SAT  into Financial Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) Composition of Securities Appellate Tribunal Qualifications for Appointment as Presiding Officer or Members of Securities Appellate Tribunal Tenure of Office of Presiding Officer and Other Members of Securities Appellate Tribunal… Read More »

Regulation of Contracts and Options in Securities

Regulation of Contracts and Options in Securities | Overview Contracts in Notified Areas Illegal in Certain Circumstances Additional Trading Floor Contracts in Notified Areas Held to Be Void in Some Circumstances Members May Not Act as Principals in Certain Circumstances Powers of Central Government OT Prohibit Contracts in Certain Cases Licensing of Dealers in Securities in  Certain Cases… Read More »

Listing Of Securities

Listing Of Securities | Overview Listing of Securities Application in Respect of Offers for Sale or Book Building or New Issues Listing Conditions and Requirements When Issuers Are Registered Outside India Applicability of Listing Conditions and Requirements Listing Approval Admission to Dealings Listing Fees Deposits or Fees to Be Paid by Issuer Consequences of Non- Compliance  by Issuer… Read More »

Recognition Of Stock Exchanges

Recognition Of Stock Exchanges | Overview Stock Exchange Board of India Recognition of Stock Exchange Application of Recognition of Stock Exchange Fees for Application Grant of Recognition to Stock Exchange Withdrawal of Recognition Powers Provided to Stock Exchanges Penalties and Procedures A stock exchange is that organization consisting of various people which was created to achieve the objective… Read More »