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Women’s or children’s rights cannot be comprehensively understood in isolation as they are mutually inter-related. There are overlapping concerns in many areas on account of specific vulnerabilities based on both age and gender.

Legality of abortion in USA

The article ‘Legality of abortion in USA’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses the struggles faced by women in getting abortions, the restrictions on abortion and the landmark cases concerning abortion in the US and its present status. I. Introduction Every individual has the right over their own body and women have this additional right to express… Read More »

Rights of a Muslim Woman in Today’s World

This article by Eshanee Bhattacharya focuses on the Rights of a Muslim Woman in Today’s World. Read it only at Legal Bites. I. Introduction The three wheels of the international forum are LPG – Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. These three phenomena have dramatically changed the lives of both men and women around the globe. Rapid social change, higher……...

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Differential Treatment Of Women: Crime Edition

Read this article on Differential Treatment Of Women: Crime Edition by Indrayani Apte and Krupa Nishar here at Legal Bites. Introduction Crime is predominantly considered to be a male phenomenon. However, in the last few decades, female criminality is being witnessed all over the world. The conventional role of a woman was considered to be that of a… Read More »

Rights of Women under Hindu Law

This article by Nikita Johri aims to enlist and discuss the Rights of Women under Hindu Law in the current era. This article focuses on the rights pertaining to maintenance and property. I. Introduction We have been living in a male-dominated society, where women have been suppressed over time. Since ancient times their positions have deteriorated and the……...

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Offences Related to Marriage | Explained

The offences related to marriage are both multi-casuals and multi-dimensional. The increase in the number of offenses related to marriage is because of deep indifferences between the couple and negligence caused due to non accepting them emotionally and physically. This article outlines the offences one by one. I. Introduction Marriage according to the Hindu law is like a……...

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Legal System and Elimination of Child Labour

In this article, the author focuses on the legal system governing the elimination of Child Labour. Further, relevant case laws and suggestions have been added.  Children are the greatest hope to mankind and childhood, the most influential stages in human development. Unfortunately, not all are blessed with a blissful childhood. Kids who are raised in a scenario, which… Read More »

Daughters of Destiny – An Indian Perspective

This essay ‘Daughters of Destiny – An Indian Perspective’ is about the legacy of the Indian woman; the one she inherited as well as the one she will leave behind. From time immemorial, the idea of ‘Indian Woman’, has embodied two very contrasting realities. The idea of  ‘Indian Woman’ is very different from the reality of the ‘Women… Read More »

Invisible Evils: Catacombs of Empowerment

Our society is marred by evils but more so by the invisible evils; evolving as catacombs of empowerment, suppressing every voice that exists to realise it. This article essentially swims through that shadowed world, where light doesn’t reach by focussing on two such invisible evils namely domestic violence and female foeticide. The essay has essentially six parts where… Read More »