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Intellectual Property Rights

Law Relating To Piracy Of Designs In India

Piracy Of Designs In India Overview Introduction – Law Relating To Piracy Of Designs In India What is Design? Registration of Designs Piracy of Designs Remedies against piracy of designs Conclusion This article ‘Law Relating To Piracy Of Designs In India’ outlines the concept of design. It also deals with the Essentials of a design, Registration of Designs, Piracy of… Read More »

Introduction to Copyright

Practically every copyright law provides for the following kinds of works to be protected: literary works including novels, stories, poems, dramatic works, works of music, whether series or light, songs, choruses, operas, maps and technical drawings, photographic work, cinematographic works, sound recordings, computer programming, etc. Introduction Man has an intellect that is used for himself and society as… Read More »

Major International Instruments | Intellectual Property

This article ‘Major International Instruments | Intellectual Property’ provides an insight into major international instruments relating to the protection of Intellectual Property such as the Berne Convention, Paris Convention and TRIPS. I. Berne Convention for the Protection of Artistic and Literary Works History Global defence of copyright started on the basis of bilateral treaties at approximately mid-19th century.… Read More »

Basic Concept of Intellectual Property (IPR)

This article deals with the basic concept of Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) include rights of Patents, Copyright and its related rights, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographical indication. Basic Concept of Intellectual Property (IPR) Property means the association between the owner of the property and each member of the society in relation to a tangible or intangible possession.… Read More »

Difference between Trademark and Design Registration

To initiate design registration you must make sure that it is new and distinct from other patterns or graphical symbol existing in the market. Introduction Well, both design and trademark protect aesthetic features of a company logo, however; for a deeper understanding trademark protects the symbol or mark (signifying your business) and design protects the outer features of… Read More »