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This article discusses the charges. A single section i.e. Section 71 is used by the legislature to cover all the topics related to debentures in the Companies Act, 2013. Companies are required to borrow a huge amount of money very frequently. Pursuant to this reason, the requirement of a loan by the company might not be fulfilled by… Read More »

Securities Contract Regulation Act: Salient Features

 This article discusses the securities contract regulation Act: salient features. The Parliament introduced another legislation for the regulation of the affairs in relation to the securities market of India. This legislation is known as the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act and came into force in the year 1956. The securities market provides a platform for the trading of securities… Read More »

Foreign Exchange Management Act

 This article discusses the Foreign Exchange Management Act. When the natives of two different country trade with each other, the transaction involves the exchange of currency between them. The trade may include exporting goods to another country or importing them from. When a person invests his money abroad, the rate of return of such investment is comparatively higher… Read More »