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Relationship Breakdown and Lacuna in Civil Law

Relationship breakdown has the potential to have negative effects on one’s social, economic, and physical health. A legal conflict, it should not come as a surprise, is often associated with negative outcomes and results in additional issues during the breakdown process. Read the article titled ‘Relationship Breakdown and Lacuna in Civil Law’ only on Legal Bites. The age… Read More »

EU Human Rights Law and its Impact on the UK Private Law

The article aims to analyze the impact of EU Human Rights Law on the UK private Law and its application by the courts in the United Kingdom. Introduction The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is a human rights treaty signed by the 47 countries that are members of the Council of Europe. The European Convention on Human… Read More »

The Collective Shop Ban in the Netherlands

The Netherlands promotes Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) as a means of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. With the Collective Shop Ban, businesses have their own method of preventing those who demonstrate anti-social behaviour from visiting their establishments.  As a result, private parties, such as shops and security guards, are jointly liable for catching and penalising crimes such as shoplifting… Read More »

Religious Tribunals, Religious Freedom, and Concern for Vulnerable Women

Religious tribunals are largely unaffected by current English law. However, the role of religious tribunals in English family law is hotly contested. Many factors are taken into account, but two are frequently pitted against one another. As an argument for not interfering with religious tribunals, religious freedom is frequently used. Concern for the vulnerable, particularly women in religious… Read More »