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When To Hire A Lawyer For An Insurance Claim

Whenever there is a car accident, having a lawyer is not mandatory. You are not likely to be speaking to a lawyer to sort out the claim against property damage if you were involved in a minor car accident and did not injure yourself. But, you should speak to your lawyer sooner if you have suffered a significant… Read More »

How Lawyers Prove Fault in Personal Injuries

When you’re hurt, or you’ve lost money or personal safety due to nothing you’ve done: it’s important to pursue the problem in court.  Not only will this ensure that you’re able to take the time you need to heal, but also so that you won’t have to pay for the medical cost necessary.   These are the most important… Read More »

Trademark in the USA: Meaning and Provisions

This article titled ‘Trademark in the USA: Meaning and Provisions’ by Adv. Nikita Pandit and discusses trademarks in the USA. I. Introduction  Trademark can be any sign, symbol, design, word, name – individually or in a combination of one or more, which helps in identifying the goods and services belonging to a person or an entity. It is an… Read More »

Patents in the USA: Meaning and Provisions

This article titled ‘Patents in the USA’ is written by Adv. Nikita Pandit and discusses patents in the USA.  I. What is a Patent? The right given to the inventor of the invention. Right to perform some acts to the exclusion of others For a period of 20 years. The invention is: Something that is new. Never known… Read More »

What are the Different Types of Wrongful Death?

There were 173,040 deaths from unintentional injuries in 2019. When a loved one or relative dies in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, this is called wrongful death. Unexpectedly losing a loved one or a relative can be shocking and confusing. Different types of accidents can result in the wrongful death of someone and, in turn, can… Read More »

Copyright in the USA

This article titled ‘Copyright in the USA.’ is written by Adv. Nikita Pandit and discusses the law related to copyright in the USA. I. Introduction Copyright is a bundle of rights and it is a type of intellectual property given to the authors of the creative works. Rights under Copyright in the USA has its source in the… Read More »

Lawrence v Texas | Decriminalising Homosexuality

This article titled ‘Lawrence v Texas- Decriminalising Homosexuality’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses the decriminalizing of homosexuality. I. Introduction Homosexuality is the physical, mental, sexual attraction between members of same-sex or gender. The term homosexual is a hybrid of Latin and Greek words. The common alternatives to the term homosexual are gay, lesbians, LGBTQ. Since the very… Read More »

Racial Discrimination-a hurdle?

This article titled ‘Racial Discrimination-a hurdle?’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and aims to discuss discrimination on the basis of race and restricts it to the contest of the US. I. Introduction Inequality exists everywhere, perhaps it is the everydayness of inequality that makes it look like it is justified. There are numerous basis of such inequality like religion,… Read More »

Causation and Harm as elements

This article titled ‘Causation and Harm as elements’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses their importance as the elements of a crime. I. Introduction Criminal acts have three elements and two of them are sine qua non for every crime. An act comprising of criminal act and intent are at times also known as ‘conduct’. Model penal code… Read More »