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Trademark in the USA: Meaning and Provisions

This article titled ‘Trademark in the USA: Meaning and Provisions’ by Adv. Nikita Pandit and discusses trademarks in the USA. I. Introduction  Trademark can be any sign, symbol, design, word, name – individually or in a combination of one or more, which helps in identifying the goods and services belonging to a person or an entity. It is an… Read More »

Patents in the USA: Meaning and Provisions

This article titled ‘Patents in the USA’ is written by Adv. Nikita Pandit and discusses patents in the USA.  I. What is a Patent? The right given to the inventor of the invention. Right to perform some acts to the exclusion of others For a period of 20 years. The invention is: Something that is new. Never known… Read More »

Copyright in the USA

This article titled ‘Copyright in the USA.’ is written by Adv. Nikita Pandit and discusses the law related to copyright in the USA. I. Introduction Copyright is a bundle of rights and it is a type of intellectual property given to the authors of the creative works. Rights under Copyright in the USA has its source in the… Read More »

Non-marital Cohabitation in the USA

This article on ‘Non-marital Cohabitation in the USA’ is written by Pranava Pishati and provides a quick overview of how these relationships are considered in courts and what remedies are available in the event of an injustice occurring to one individual during or after the course of their cohabitation. I. Introduction Previously, cohabitation outside of marriage was widely… Read More »

Conservatorship and Adult Guardianship through Britney Spears case

This article on ‘Conservatorship and Adult Guardianship through Britney Spears case’ is written by Pranava Pishati and focuses on the concepts of conservatorship and adult guardianship in the light of the Britney Spears case. I. Introduction In recent times we’ve all come across the hashtag #freeBritney on numerous social media platforms. To provide some context on who is… Read More »

How to File a Divorce Petition in USA

The article ‘How to File a Divorce Petition in USA’ written by Pranava Pishati reflects on the grounds for divorce and how to file a divorce petition. I. Introduction Though Marriage is an acknowledgement of cultured social structure in which two capable individuals promise themselves to norms and values and vow to one another to live together eternally,… Read More »

Property Division after Divorce in USA

The article ‘Property Division after Divorce in USA’ by Pranava Pishati sheds light on the division of different properties after divorce, such as separate property, marital property, and property split by the state in the U.S.A. I. Introduction Property gained over the course of a marriage is referred to as marital property. In the United States, over two… Read More »

Doctrine of Work For Hire | Explained

The Doctrine of Work For Hire is a notion in intellectual property law. This idea of work for hire is recognized in American law under Section 101 of the Copyright Act. Whenever we stumble upon a book, song, or work of art, we often tend to jump the gun and conclude that the creator has the rights of their creation,… Read More »

Civil Rights and the Antitrust Laws

This article by Pranavaa Pishati focuses on antitrust laws, the relevant issues surrounding them, and their impact on civil rights in the education system of America. I. Introduction Monopolization is typically unreasonable to other businesses and customers since it reduces market production compared to a competitive industry, they would charge a higher price for their output, as monopoly… Read More »

Patent Cooperation Treaty

Patent Cooperation Treaty makes it feasible to seek patent protection for an innovation in many nations at the same time by filing an “international” patent application. Wherever there is an innovation, you may immediately file separate patent applications at the same time in all the countries where you want to protect your idea, but it becomes complicated when… Read More »