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A country’s constitution is its heart and soul. It governs the country by defining the rights and limitations of individuals and governing organizations. We at Legal Bites provide you with a deep conceptual understanding of various constitutional law issues, provisions etc. governing the United States.

Powers and Functions of the Congress under US Constitution

Introduction The powers and functions of the Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) are enumerated under US Constitution to facilitate the governance in the country. The Constitution specifically grants Congress its most important power the authority to make laws. A bill, or proposed law, only becomes law after both the House of Representatives and the Senate have approved… Read More »

US President Election: Eligibility and Process

It is important for the readers to know about the eligibility and process of the US President Election. This article is an attempt to do so, the author has divided the article into two main parts. The first part expressly deals with the eligibility criteria to become the President of the USA, and the second part declares how… Read More »

Federalism in USA: Dual, Cooperative, New Federalism

The present article discusses the origins and evolution of the concept of federalism in USA, mainly from the ratification of the Constitution to the Great Depression. The article aims to identify the structure of federalism in the United States from the time of its evolution to its present form in the twenty-first century. I. Introduction Federalism is the… Read More »

Procedure for making an Amendment to the Constitution of United States of America

The present article elaborately provides the procedure for making an amendment to the Constitution of United States of America. The Constitution of the USA is rigid because to make an amendment, the procedure necessitates maximum majority favour at both the proposal and ratification stages. This, being the most common procedure of amending the constitution, requires a proposal by… Read More »

Case Summary: Marbury v Madison (1803, 5 US 137)

Marbury v Madison[1] is arguably the most important legal case in United States Supreme Court history. Decided on February 24, 1803, the U.S. Supreme Court established two cornerstones of constitutional law and the modern judiciary. First, the Supreme Court in this case declared an act of Congress unconstitutional and established the most essential feature of rule of law,……...

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Legislative System in the United States

The legislative system in the United States is designed to encompass varied interests and produce legislation that represents a compromise among them. Legislative System in the United States Democracy is based on the notion that a people should be self-governing and that the representatives of the people should be held accountable for their actions. The legislature, which represents… Read More »