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Determining Attempt as an Inchoate Crime

This article on ‘Determining attempt as an inchoate crime’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and aims to focus on ‘attempt’ as an inchoate crime and different aspects related to it. I. Introduction Commission of crime requires several stages and elements. It starts from planning – plotting, preparing and finally making attempts. The attempt to commit a crime, if… Read More »

Prisoner’s Rights in the USA

This article on ‘Prisoner’s rights in the USA’ is written by Antariksh Anant and focuses on the various rights provided to the prisoners in the United States of America. I. Introduction Federal and state laws administer the foundation and organization of prisons just as the privileges of the inmates. In spite of the fact that prisoners don’t have… Read More »

Legality of abortion in USA

The article ‘Legality of abortion in USA’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses the struggles faced by women in getting abortions, the restrictions on abortion and the landmark cases concerning abortion in the US and its present status. I. Introduction Every individual has the right over their own body and women have this additional right to express… Read More »

How to File a Divorce Petition in USA

The article ‘How to File a Divorce Petition in USA’ written by Pranava Pishati reflects on the grounds for divorce and how to file a divorce petition. I. Introduction Though Marriage is an acknowledgement of cultured social structure in which two capable individuals promise themselves to norms and values and vow to one another to live together eternally,… Read More »

Property Division after Divorce in USA

The article ‘Property Division after Divorce in USA’ by Pranava Pishati sheds light on the division of different properties after divorce, such as separate property, marital property, and property split by the state in the U.S.A. I. Introduction Property gained over the course of a marriage is referred to as marital property. In the United States, over two… Read More »

Doctrine of Work For Hire | Explained

The Doctrine of Work For Hire is a notion in intellectual property law. This idea of work for hire is recognized in American law under Section 101 of the Copyright Act. Whenever we stumble upon a book, song, or work of art, we often tend to jump the gun and conclude that the creator has the rights of their creation,… Read More »

Civil Rights and the Antitrust Laws

This article by Pranavaa Pishati focuses on antitrust laws, the relevant issues surrounding them, and their impact on civil rights in the education system of America. I. Introduction Monopolization is typically unreasonable to other businesses and customers since it reduces market production compared to a competitive industry, they would charge a higher price for their output, as monopoly… Read More »

The Relationship Between Injuries and Damages

When a person has been involved in an accident, it’s common for victims to ask how they can recover their losses. After filing a personal injury claim, the injured victim becomes the plaintiff in the civil suit. Usually, the driver’s insurance company is the defendant since the insurance company often pays out a claim rather than the driver.… Read More »