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Solicitation As Inchoate Crime

This article by Nilanjana Banerjee presents an overview of Solicitation as an Inchoate Crime and provides an insight into the possible defences, that could be employed. Crimes have two basic elements i.e. actus reus and mens rea. However, there are aspects of crime that are at a primary stage, which calls for a law that punishes unfinished acts… Read More »

Recognition of Covenant Marriage by United States

This article, “Recognition of Covenant Marriage by United States” authored by Pranava Pishati explains covenant marriage and regulations involved in covenant marriages and how they are different from traditional marriages. Introduction A covenant marriage is an agreement between wedding spouses that their marriage will last the rest of life. A covenant marriage differs legally from a non-covenant or… Read More »

Sexual Offenses In United States

The article, “Sexual Offenses In United States” authored by Nilanjana Banerjee aims to briefly discuss all the sexual offenses as are exist in United States. However, this article focuses more on rape as a sexual offense. Not every offense relates to the public arena of an individual’s life. There are certain offenses that meddle with private arenas of… Read More »

Property Division After Divorce In US

This article on “Property Division After Divorce In US” authored by Pranava Pishati explains that how marital properties are divided in US upon divorce between the spouses. and understanding this becomes important because in the United States, over two million individuals divorce each year[1]. Property gained over the course of a marriage is referred to as marital property.… Read More »

What to Expect at a Sentencing Hearing?

Sentencing hearings are intimidating. A jury has already determined your guilt, and now a judge will determine the nature of your punishment. The judge will decide whether you will serve probation, go to – or remain in – prison, and how long your punishment will last. That decision is based on the severity of your conviction, any negotiations… Read More »

Workplace Discrimination Laws in US

This article on, “Workplace Discrimination Laws” by Antariksh Anant focuses on the discrimination based on race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin at the workplace constantly faced by the LGBTQ+ community and the legal framework for their protection in the United States. Introduction Though the integration of LGBTQ+ people has risen on business agendas since the Civil… Read More »

Introduction to US Criminal Justice System

This article on, “Introduction to US Criminal Justice System” by Antariksh Anant focuses on what elements make up crime in the US and the classification of crimes and punishment exclusively in the country of the United States of America. No nation can ever be perfect. There are bound to be some deviant activities. But not all deviant activity can… Read More »

Prosecution Of Federal Wildlife Crimes

This article on “Prosecution Of Federal Wildlife Crimes” by Antariksh Anant highlights the importance of implementing the wildlife protection statutes to prevent their exploitation in special reference to the United States of America. On this planet, every living being plays a significant role. But humans are intellectual beings and therefore they work towards making themselves better even if… Read More »

Online Contracts in United States

This article on, “Online Contracts in United States” by Antariksh Anant puts across that the global technological developments have resulted in rapid growth in the online industry and business and E-contracts are becoming more common as the online industry grows. Such a profitable business necessitates the establishment of regulatory legal terms to safeguard the interests of all parties… Read More »