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Legislative System in the United States

The legislative system in the United States is designed to encompass varied interests and produce legislation that represents a compromise among them. Legislative System in the United States Democracy is based on the notion that a people should be self-governing and that the representatives of the people should be held accountable for their actions. The legislature, which represents… Read More »

Salient Features of American Constitution

This article outlines the seven salient features of American Constitution. Each feature has been duly explained by the author. I. Introduction The American Constitution framed by the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 and inaugurated two years after has served as a vital unifying force for the diverse population. It has its particular significance to the people of the United… Read More »

Articles of Confederation | Explained

Introduction Judges and scholars often refer to the Articles of Confederation when making claims about the original meaning of the United States Constitution. Like the Government of India Act in India, the Articles of confederation was in the US before the enactment of the Constitution. The Supreme Court has looked to the Articles of Confederation in more than… Read More »

Introduction to Constitution of United States of America

In this article ‘Introduction to Constitution of United States of America’, the author discusses the inception of the constitution and its lineage. I. Background The Constitution of the United States of America presents the countries fundamental laws. It characterizes the rights and liabilities of the American public and furthermore sets up the type of government in America. It… Read More »